Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diablo III ??

I used to play the shit outta I & II !
Wonder if its gonna be free like the others you just pay for the game...
One can hope : P

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Updates, Life, Everything!

Wow, where to begin...
Things been going great!
Besides the fact of work being down right stupid.
They are telling me I look like I am worn out and not doing my job that I spend to much time with the customers and don't get my paperwork done right.
Pfft, whatever.
At this point I don't care, the stuff they want me to do they have not trained me on, I think they are just making excuses too since I always make my sales plans and they don't.
There loss, I'll go back to a part time sales associate and do what I do best, SELL!
10hrs or less a week, and when they see plan is not being made, to bad!
I'm fine with 10hrs or less a week.
When I get back from Canada I am going full force on my cookbook, cause I know quite a few that want a copy.

/end rant

Anyways other then that life's been good, finally things are calming down a bit, got the bathroom redone, piping fixed in the house, next project is the roof which because of hail damage we are able to get some help with that.

Hubby and I been eating healthy for awhile now, I dropped 8-10 pant sizes in the last 2 months just by eating 3 healthy meals a day, cutting my portions in half and eating snacks. Now today we started a exercise routine. Gah, damn that was painful on the walk up to Smoothie King, we almost didn't make it cause there was a flash of lightning and thunder but after a bit it just turned into sprinkles of rain so we went with it, quite refreshing actually. About half way there my legs where burning it been about a year since I last exercised. But I pushed myself along.

We finally made it to Smoothie King grabbed 2 small smoothies, sat for 10 Min's then headed back. The way back was no problem, thing with Missouri is all the hills but damn it felt good. Now that I got my eating under control and going with the walking. I can see this weight melt off, and with Stressing less in a few weeks even better, I bet as soon as things calm down a bit more, weight falls off, could be pregnant in no time, fingers crossed.

Here is to hoping!

: )

Other then that not much been going on really, still playing City Of Heroes, Issue 12 hit this month, it's way to cool.

The cats are doing well, Slayer has been a big snuggle bug as always, Salem has become our dancing rolly kitty, Scyko has become a attention whore, Bubbles wont be quiet, Skeet has become very lovable, and Olivia is still just crazy.

Well suns coming out, time for it to probably get really hot out.
I feel like changing my picture and background on my blog, think I am going to do that now : )

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Canadian Girls - Is Me!

Pause my playlist before you play!