Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy New Years, Updates & More!

I know it's been awhile since I updated, it's now 2015, getting closer to our 10 year wedding anniversary, and so much excitement and more to be had!

The winter months are always bleh, I don't feel like doing much of anything, no one does, so on hubbys off days we spend a lot of time reading, on the computers, watching tv/movies, pretty much doing a whole lot of nothingness lol

Which is fine by us cause we enjoy it!

Holidays where a bit tough since the passing of hubbys step dad after last summer, we ended up doing diff meals instead of the traditional turkey/ham etc, with his mom we did a shrimp/chicken/sausage jambalaya for Christmas, can't recall now what we did thanksgiving, his dad and step mom we did chili and cornbread for Christmas and taco's at thanksgiving.

Hubby is taking a break from FFXIV, I am still playing, we also picked up Pathfinder on tuesdays which we missed the last 2 sessions cause he was sick one week and now I am sick this week.

The wedding system came out in FFXIV, I had my one character marry a friend of mine in game, which hubby is totally cool with, so don't be surprised to see photos and updates from time to time.

Like this lol

I love how the cut scenes show how the guests you invited are there in them.
The new patch is coming out soon too in a week, expan prolly this summer

Other then that rl been busy for the most part
Still waiting with the adoption stuff
Works been alright for me, still demoing cause of my messed up shoulder, which I am totally fine with, watching people taste food and wine / beer is pretty neat
Works been good for hubby too

Hope you all have a great new years, ill update more soon!