Thursday, March 26, 2015


Took my last one today! Since we haven't had certain people around in our lives anymore that caused stress, stress has quieted down, and things been more calm. I spoke to my doc about going off them. I feel GREAT !! I am calm/mellow and can actually sit and enjoy a movie/video game without worry on the 1000s of things I wanna get done.

If you would of talked about that with me a year ago and i wasn't on the meds, I would of been in a panic, had panic attacks and so much more. So happy that I was able to get help though that time of things. But now im so happeh!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Wow it's been ages since Ive updated bad blogger bad

I know

Anyway its been awhile, hubby & I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary !
We went to check out this sushi/steakhouse place
It was super yummy, not somewhere we can go everyday tho it's $$$$
But super good!

We been working on house projects
Art work
Hubby & I started doing some digital 3d art and working on a comic book
He also got a commission doing art for this one guy
It was a pretty awesome piece til the guy wanted him to mess it up with bruises & stuff >_<

Cause it was a boxing photo....
The guy asked him about doing another but we are kinda on the fence with it
Cause it held back our comic, we wanted to have it out last month but cause of this commission and how many changes the guy wanted over and over and over and over again did I mention over again? It held back our comic and now we are finally at the half way mark!

We just had comicon this past weekend, other then that not much else going on
Still waiting on the adoption stuff
My shoulder is still all jacked up with the tendonitis and partial tear, which the tendonitis seems its now making its way to my elbow, not fun at all!
I still work one day a week demoing food and booze
Hubby got 2 jobs now, doing the same thing hes been doing, but the one job is only 2-3 days a month which isn't bad, 30 more years then retirement give or take anyway lol
Still working on losing weight on my side of things, kinda hard when you can't jump around and do cardio like I used too, cause of my shoulder, plus being on inflammatory meds and pain meds for my shoulder really sucks! But I can tell my weight been going up, i been eating okay tho, i need to do better, thats fer sure!

Buttttttt anyway, I leave you with comicon photos below and hopes I will update more often, maybe my next post ill tell you about the fun at comicon =p

Comicon 2015