Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Good The Bad The Ugly...

Yes that's a movie title but I am not talking about the movie =P

I just couldn't think of a blog name tho it's nothing to do with what I am about to write =P

I am keeping this short simple and to the point

We are so blessed for much hubbys job, our medical benefits, very soon kiddo(s)

Things are awesome!

Only thing that drives me nuts is the negative, self centered buttholes that need to not enter peoples lives, I never understood why god would make people like this but then I realized its to test us maybe? Who knows !

But all I know is I am so happy and blessed I got a good man who doesn't do some of the things that some of the men I know do around me, he is one of the good guys and I wouldn't trade that for anything =)

Just wish some of the buttholes that enjoy making peoples lives miserable or at least try too need to get a new hobbie, get a spouse/bf/gf that can stand them, maybe it will help them from trying to put a wedge between those people that are meant to be together and keep there thoughts to themselves I dunno =)

But in lighter news did buy our tickets for comicon


Fem 4 here I come and I have over 4lbs of jelly babies waiting to be handed out! =) 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Oh my it's not far away now!

Well 2 months and a couple weeks but so much to do!

Our Time Lord Society needs to get things ready if we are going to have a panel slot this year like last year!

Hilary been working hard on last min costume stuff, shes been hard at work making our costumes and her sister also, they are doing amazing jobs

My costume is completed though, pretty exciting tried it on and everything, I just want to wear it NOW lol

I went as River Song last year on the second day of the convention since hubby & I dressed as mad scientists the first day

Right now we are getting ready for couple dates with friends, so exciting for us, we also have a date night set with our friends next door next week, making homemade chinese food, yummy!

Well cat is meowing at me for food and attention, hubby got sick, now I got it too and Bruce caught it today, ugh, house full of sicky sick folks =P

Well better scram gotta get hubby food also, and yep babies are hungry too, ciao

ps... here is my stash of jelly babies (minus one bag) for comicon when I dress as the 4th doctor

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Yes I know I am late  BUT

We just been SO BUSY right now, holidays where pretty busy, hubby started a new job, the job before he had was great paid well, 100% on our benefits, but he got told about the same job he had been doing but at a diff location & more pay and a bit more perks with the benefits they provide like health classes, weight loss stuff, they also help with costs for adoption, but most of all less stress, his old job even with a promotion he got was pretty stressful.

So we are so thankful & blessed he was able to get his foot in the door doing the same thing just less stressful and less hands on when it comes to keeping people under control. Plus all the perks he gets and more pay is truly a blessing =) We also will most likely have kiddos running about soon too ! We are going to be celebrating our 8 year anniversary next month on Feb 14th, so those of you that said we where such a lost cause, yeahhhhhhhh who's the lost cause sitting in the cold with friendships torn apart cause of your hateful words


Reason we haven't been around and don't like you PERIOD you spread hate you get taken out of peoples lives PERIOD, so keep it moving! Anyhoo, this year is going to be another amazing year, so much to look forward too and so many things started in the works! We are looking forward to many more years! I am starting to feel old, just turned 31 last month hubby will be 37 in a couple months

Also Comicon is coming up and myself and 10 of my friends are dressing up as the incarnations of the doctor from the show Doctor who! ~ 

my friends mom will be playing the 1st
my friend Robyn will be playing the 2nd
my friend Hilary will be playing the 3rd
I will be playing the 4th (I also have over 4lbs worth of Jelly Babies)
my friend Natalie  will be playing the 5th
my friend Amy will be playing the 6th
my friend Jen will be playing the 7th
my friend Tonya will be playing the 8th
my friend Edmes sister will be playing the 9th
my friend Edme will be playing the 10th
my friend Heather will be playing the 11th

My friend built K-9 with her dad, we are going to fem him up since we are playing fem doctors Our group will hopefully get a table this year as well as another panel slot like last year so new whovians can meet up & make friends =) I have to say WE ARE SO EXCITED and Adam Baldwin is gonna be there!

Anyways I better get going, get a few things cleaned up while hubby is at work so I can play some World of Warcraft, 1 level to go before lvl 90 !! Then I need to start working on a horde toon =P

ps.. like last year I will have photo's posted for comicon promise!
pps .. here is my 4th doctor scarf I made, It took me about 2  months to make I finished the tassels a couple nights ago