Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bubbles 1999 - 2016

Rest in Peace Bubbles, we love you. No more suffering til we meet again our sweet girl. Always talking always singing like a pretty angel cause you are one.

I miss hearing your voice though the house Bubbles
Your voice of singing and song.... it's to quiet now...
I can only hear the echo that remands in my mind of what your voice sounded like, I just wish i could hear it even if it was just once more ....

 This morning was weird waking up and not hearing you at the door, meowing "hey im hungry wake up guys, food time" and the house has been more quiet now. Our other kitties aren't as vocal as she was, she would talk to us while we drank or morning coffee and would sing to us, and even sing to us when we where in the shower, things feel so off balance right now....

But now your off playing with Junior and Olivia, bopping and chasing those mice, til we all meet again, we love you baby girl. 

This weekend was also our 11 year wedding anniversary (the 14th) but I feel the need to post this instead. There will be next year to post our anniversary for year 12.... We just miss Bubbles and love her very much............. house has been super quiet now ♥

Thursday, February 11, 2016


When a woman becomes the galaxy’s first human wrestling champion she becomes the target for all the best, and the worst, wrestlers who think a human isn’t good enough to hold the belt. Meet Charlene Rocket. Is she in over her head? Or can this woman from Earth take on the toughest, meanest wrestlers in the universe for the title! Plus a Bonus Story!

Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars is the story of Women’s Professional Wrestling in a pulp science fiction setting. Women come from all over the universe to battle it out in the ring. You’ll see Princesses, Cowgirls, Demons, Vampires, Jungle Girls, and more as they contend for the championship of the Galaxy.


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Tina Noire & Charlie Rock

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