Monday, August 27, 2007

Guess What We Did Today?

Well today is Monday, day off for myself and hubby as well as D&D nite.
His only one again this week :(
I wanna steal him to myself one night away from D&D so we can just have some us time, we haven't had that in over a year on his days off....
Ah well, It's alright
Time will fly by when he goes back to work I'm sure :)
I did get the promotion at work too to a Manager.
I will amit I am nervous, I'm scared about not doing a good job even though I do the best I can at everything I do... and I am told I am great at what I do.
I will miss being at home most of the time and I promised myself if it gets to be to much for me I will step down and go back to a regular sales associate.
But if it does get to be to much I am going to try and stick it out until we get Mom paid back at least and more moneys saved :)
Well I guess your wondering what we did today eh?
Well today we went to the vets to see about Salem's stitch that wouldn't fall out like they said it would... we got that taken care of :)
But while we where waiting there was a kitty sitting in a cage waiting to be adopted, went by the name of Skeet.
They told us neutered male very lovey and we could see that, oh was he ever!
Just then hubby read the sign on the cage and said what does: " Last Day Aug 20Th " Mean? The nurse turned around and said, "we usually give them a certain time to be adopted and if they don't we are required to put them down."
I almost started crying I felt the tears filling up in my eyes as I looked at the date today is the 27Th... right then and there I thought, "great now that he said something they are prolly gonna put him down later cause they musta forgot" I turned to hubby and said "we are taking him" he looked at me and said... "Uhhh...."
He knew I wasn't gonna take No for a answer so he asked how much it would cost to take Skeet home they said $95
I told them when we got back from taking Salem home we would hit the bank and be right back, we fled home little did we know it was only 8am we had time to kill before the bank opened....
We ended up going to the grocery store, grabbed some quick meals to last us until next Monday when we could make a grocery run and it will be after payday so we could stock up on alot of stuff.
As soon as we got home 9am, we ran off to the bank got the money then ran back to the vets and Skeet had to be checked again before we left to make sure he was nurt.... wait a sec the vet said... he isn't a he ... hes a she ;P
Guess they over looked that one!
It's all good though they said they think shes Spay cause she does have a belly scar but that could also be from a C-section but they said they are uncertain unless we wanted them to go in and check for themselves.
We shook our heads NO WAY! Poor girl been though enough!
So they said if she does happen to go into heat bring her back and they will Spay her for free since it's part of the deal when we adopted her.
So off we went!
Hubby scooped the litter and we did with her like we did with Salem, Scyko and Slayer when I brought them from Canada, start them out in the basement where the litter is, get em comfortable down there and let them come up when there ready.
I think she is gonna be alright, just gonna take some time :)
But that was our excitement for the day!
Things have still been going great, I just miss hubby cause he works alot :(
But I am sure we will make some "us" time soon enough ;)
Gonna try for a movie tomorrow afternoon before he goes to bed to get rest for work and maybe lunch, we will see :)
As much as I love D&D maybe we can have a night to ourselves next Monday, i dunno, hehe.
well anyways I am off, need my coh fix b4 D&D tonite :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Updates, Life, Everything!

Well It's now Thursday, things been getting better.
I talked to my boss today and she said if I open my availability to everyday all day, it's a possible for sure promotion to a customer sales lead which could mean more cash and more hours which is perfect! For what hubby and I want :)
I haven't been so depressed anymore I been getting happier and happier everyday with life changing but changing for the better.
Bruce FINALLY moved out!
That was my biggest depressed issue was him living here and being a fucking pig!
Excuse my language =P
Next step though is getting my licence, cause I will need that for my job among prolly a few other things too, not sure what though.
What else been going on?
Not to much, work, eat, sleep, City Of Heroes and chatting with friends, and of course hanging out with hubby weather it be movies, Dungeons and Dragons or whatever its been fun :)
Need to make some plans to go out with Jill sometime soon, been awhile since we done girly stuff =P
Salem is now recovered from her spay and shes back to crazy Lil Salem =P
Anyways I started a loaf of bread, prolly gonna get some game time in then go to bed earlier then normal cause I wanna get up earlier to watch a movie or something with hubby when he gets home :)

I'm out =P

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Five Breakup Signs

Five Breakup Signs
How to tell when you're about to get the boot

By Elina Furman
Special to Yahoo! Personals
Updated: Aug 22, 2007

One day, you are madly in love. You're cuddling on the couch, reading love poems and feeding each other sushi. And that's when it happens: Your partner sits you down for the "It's-Not-You, It's-Me" talk. You're confused and left wondering, "How could I have missed the signs?"
Breaking up is never easy. Your ego and heart are bound to get bruised. But if you could just see the breakup coming, it might make the whole business easier to stomach.
While hindsight is 20/20, there are always warning signals
While hindsight is 20/20, there are always warning signals along the way.
Top five signs you're about to get dumped

1. Picking fights. No one is saying you have to get along 24/7. Constructive conflict can actually be good for your relationship. But if you find that your partner has become argumentative over petty issues like your clothes or choice of restaurant, that should serve as a warning sign that he/she may be looking for an excuse to bail.

2. Forgetting to call. Used to be that your phone would ring all day long with your sweetie wanting to make plans or calling just to say, "I love you." Now your significant other doesn't even call when he/she is running three hours late. It may seem obvious, but going from speed dial to a blocked number is a sure sign that your relationship may be nearing its expiration date.
3. Changing their stripes. A major change in appearance can be a sign that your partner is looking toward greener pastures. Whether they've chopped off their hair, lost 40 pounds or gone from a bold brunette to a sultry blonde, major cosmetic changes should be noted. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being a little vain, but if the change is accompanied by any of the other signs listed here, you may need to get ready to go solo.

4. Criticizing. If your sweetie isn't feeling you anymore, don't be surprised if he/she becomes less tolerant of everything, from how you brush your teeth to how you tie your shoes. Constant criticism is a telltale sign that your days as a twosome are numbered.

5. Losing sexual interest. A healthy sex life can make or break a relationship. If you find that your partner is becoming more sexually aloof, you need to get to the root of the issue. While it's natural to have less sex as you settle into a comfortable groove together, waiting weeks or months to have sexual contact is a sign that something is amiss.
Now that you know the warning signs, don't panic. Just because your partner exhibits some of these behaviors, that doesn't necessarily mean the relationship is over. In fact, it's usually a combination of signs and not one isolated incident that foreshadows a breakup.
If you're worried that your partner is itching to get out, the most important thing you can do is sit down and discuss your issues in an honest and open manner. If you take these signs as your cue to improve communication, your relationship may just have a fighting chance.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Step By Step =)

Well today is now Friday, cause it's after midnight.
Thursday morning hubby and I made up a new Dungon's and Dragons (old style D&D) character for me, thinking of giving my bard a break for a lil bit, ended up making a dagger mage =)
Sounds and looks pretty freaken sweet =)
Well not much is new, things are back to normal now
Salem got her stitches out and I moved my compy back into the living room.
Cleaned up the house and got things back to normal.
Things are going well, hubbys dad should be moving in soon we are hoping by October.
That will be great cause time to save moneys and get things on track for whatever comes up next I guess heh. Who knows what that will be.
Well I got dye on my head and i have to wash it out in about 15mins.
Sonica my Sonic/Devices blaster in City of Heroes hit 43 about a hour ago =)
I am excited!
Frap there was something else I wanted to say and I don't remember now =/
Frap frap frap >:(
Ah well im sure it will come to me eventually heh
I dunno what else to write really now....
Well I gotta go to work for a few hrs tomorrow to train someone, even though I am suppose to still be on VACATION!
Ah well it's 3hrs no biggie


I remember now :)
I am starting the whole diet thing again
I hope to lose 60-80 lbs and if I can I am goaling for 100 !
I just gained 35lbs from the past few months due to stress >_<
Hubby's one friend was living here and I was so depressed and aggravated and stressed cause he was such and fucking slob!
pardon my french =P
I know he was getting sick of him too lol
But anyways hes moved out now, things are normal again finally!
I'm very happy about that =D

Anyways better get going and get this stuffs outta my hair, maybe log back in game for another hour or 2 after I pay bills, then go to bed. Just in case Jilly calls me and wants to shop b4 I go to work, but maybe she will wait until AFTER I get done work so we can make a night of it, maybe dinner too :)

Monday, August 13, 2007


*Post was deleted*


Bad blogger

Yeah Yeah
I know I havn't updated in awhile

I been camping out in my spare room for almost a week with Salem now.
First few days was rough, she had trouble sleeping thus made me as well. It's all good though. I think she was just upset she wasn't with the other cats and she could scence them outside the door and hear them.
She still gets touchy cause she still can but not as much.
But she is doing much better now and healing very nice.
I Finally got a decent amount of sleep Saturday, it was nice to finally get some. Well meaning I was getting like maybe 2-3hrs a day for the past week, yeah that 8hrs was perfect!
Last night was rough again, I hope I can get more sleep before Dungons and Dragons tonight, and feel better.
Yesterday I don't know why but I tossed in a pot roast and started to cook some burgers for hubby for dinner, as soon as I smelt the grease I ran to the bathroom and tried to vomit but I just woke up I had nothing to get sick with....


City of heroes been fun, ran Quarterfield last night with Toy and Yoshi as well as others. It was pretty fun and we where being silly so we wouldn't go crazy cause it is a long task force (TF) we finished it in 7hours and 11 minutes. Pretty good timing!

We talked about getting team cookie back on track because we havn't done so since Athena Storm, Phil and Freezer Toy was on the venture to 50. Now I am itching to get Sonica there. She is a few bubs from 40 at the moment.

She is alot of fun in teams but soloing puts me to sleep. I don't know why it just does. I think I was spoiled with hubby's Illusion/Empathy Controller Pinky when he played.

Well I think I am gonna log in game for a bit, see whats going on then prolly take a nap cause I am gonna need it with D&D tonite. I will be doing my rolls from the bedroom since Salem and I are still camping out.

Anyways I am out for now!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Updates, Life, Everything!

Wow, been awhile since I posted
But here goes nothing :)

Well as of today I am off work until Friday I have to work 3hrs that day then I am off for another week and a bit.

It's all good :)

I been camping in our spare room with Salem since yesterday when she got home from the vets, I got her spay yesterday and I did this same exact thing couple months ago when I got Scyko spay so until Salem's better I will be sleeping on this mattress and having my compy right in front of me as well as giving Salem a lot of Attention like I was doing to Scyko.
But they always get a lot of attention anyways :)

As far as work, its been great, still in line for a promotion, not sure when but hopefully soon!
They had a deal where we could fill up a big bag with product of whatever we could fit for $5 limit of 2 per person, omg! I got so much stuff, my xmas shopping is done!

As far as home, things been great, got my privacy back :)
Hubby and I been doing a lot of different things together when we are not working like...
Movies, Lunch, Dinner, Games... Just hanging out and having fun!

I guess time will tell, his dad is also moving in with us soon.

Well I just took the cone off Salem so she would perk up a bit, it worked, she ate and still waiting for her to drink something but no luck yet...

She's healing nicely :)

I'm Happy :)

Oh and I also got Sailor Moon Box Set I !!
I am so happy about that, it's got all the ep's up to the beginning of S, then I am gonna get the second box set so I'll have the rest of the S series and Star's and another set of the movies, then I just gotta find the live action series and my goal of collecting them all will be complete!

Oh and I also pre-ordered Heroes Season I for $38 !!