Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I know ive been a BAAD Blogger I haven't updated in ages, but here are a few quick updates before I head back to finishing housework, comment if you feel like it :)

Well Holidays where good hubby got me a new ring, he got a promotion at work to supervisor on weekends, started a new shift still doing 10hr days 4 days a week tho, and OT when it comes into play. Great times with our friends/family all around, we celebrated early cause hubby worked a double Christmas Day.

New year started well same old same old made my black bean chili, Hubbys brother finally found a job got a place close by and Bruce moved in with him so we finally got the house back to ourselves which is GREAT meaning the next thing I am going to say is........

Well my doc app to see if I lost enough weight, check on the HPV situation now the tests for that came back good last year wasn't cancer and went to a low grade instead of high like it was a year ago, now we are just waiting on those results BUT doc says losing over 100lbs awesome still have another 50 to go but BOTH my docs (OBGYN & DOC) are giving us the go ahead to start for a family WOOT! (Just pray that the next set of tests come back alright i have faith they will)

We are so excited I am also off my high blood pressure meds (started those in sept with the stress of the old house selling/buying this one) and also off the metformin not diabetic but had it for carb control for when I was losing weight etc


We are so excited & happy! Loving the new house things are pretty in order few more things to work on in the other room then the fun job of PAINTING! I started my Asian theme in the dining area, hubby thinks I need more practice on canvas so I been doing that kinda sorta at the moment, this pic below i still need to do the other butterfly but here is what ive done so far

So Ill leave you with the photo, off to finish housework then play some World Of Warcraft since hubbys off to work, bye for now!

Now if mother nature would just leave town I wouldn't feel so tired lol, my best friend and her daughter came over today we got weigh'd in on my wii fit and biggest loser challenge can't wait to get started but ok ok bye for now =P

ps again i know but I also learned from my sissy GOD does listen, I quit believing when I was a kid because of all the crap I went though with my dad and step mom, god must of had a plan for me and I think I know why I went though what I did, pray he does listen and he does help where its needed :) So thanks sisy, love ya! Also love everyone in my life =)

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Friday, January 07, 2011


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

50 Facts You Didn't Know About Me!

1. I'm MMO obsessed, you will find me online often if I am not doing housework or working out while hubbys at work I am usually gaming playing City of Heroes or World of Warcraft or Aion all depends on my mood for the month which one I have running. ~ When hes home we hang out with friends/play pen and paper games or watch tons of movies to hang out together =)

2. My favorite color in the whole world is BLACK... most will say its not a color so I do obsess over red green blue and purple...

3. I love spending time with my sissy Kim & hubby when hes not at work =)

4. I was Born in Canada, raised in Canada but live in the USA.

5. I have been a tomboy all my life I wont change that for anyone.

6. I used to weigh 90-110lbs in high school

7. I started smoking when I was 11

8. I quit smoking when I was 18

9. My favorite take out is Chinese.

10. After I quit smoking I gained 100+ lbs

11. To date ive lost almost 120lbs in 20 months

12. Birthday is December 7th.

13. I was married at age 23...

14. ...and Valentine's day 2011 it will be 6yrs =)

15. My husband & I met online though a friend of ours we both met online, he drove 14hrs to ask me to marry him we got married & I came back to the states to see if I liked it, I did so here i am, now deal with it! =)

16. Ive never broken any bones

17. I have 0 tattoo's... but want some lol

18. 4 piercings

19. Ive never had cavity.

20. I have size 9 feet

21. I want to meet David Tennant

22. I Love 80s Metal/Rock

23. My religion is Pagan Deal with it

24. I cannot stand makeup but will wear it for special occasions.

25. When I was little I wanted to be a teacher, when I was in High school a Chef now a housewife/mom.

26. I am a housewife & hope to be a full time mom someday.

27. I worked in customer service since I was 15.

28. I do paintings & other arts and crafts.

29. Most of my friends are online

30. My goal weight is 140-150lbs. (30-50lbs left)

31. Besides my weight I am perfectly healthy

32. Big DC Comic Book Fan.

33. I am a Geek.

34. Loves old school gaming pen and paper such as D&D

35. My thing I dream about most is working out with Bob Harper

36. I have overly sensitive hearing and smell - all women do

37. Im a night owl

38. Ive never been a morning person

39. My Grandparents & my Hubby are my heroes.

40. I prefer spring/fall over summer/winter.

41. Family is most important.

42. I watch most my TV online.

43. I really don't trust my dad/step mom

44. In high school I was always called a FREAK

45. I am very sensible with money.

46. I am scared shitless of clowns.

47. I love cats

48. ...And I believe EVERYONE should be happy

49. wishes people would keep there promises

50. I love shopping!!!