Tuesday, January 04, 2011

50 Facts You Didn't Know About Me!

1. I'm MMO obsessed, you will find me online often if I am not doing housework or working out while hubbys at work I am usually gaming playing City of Heroes or World of Warcraft or Aion all depends on my mood for the month which one I have running. ~ When hes home we hang out with friends/play pen and paper games or watch tons of movies to hang out together =)

2. My favorite color in the whole world is BLACK... most will say its not a color so I do obsess over red green blue and purple...

3. I love spending time with my sissy Kim & hubby when hes not at work =)

4. I was Born in Canada, raised in Canada but live in the USA.

5. I have been a tomboy all my life I wont change that for anyone.

6. I used to weigh 90-110lbs in high school

7. I started smoking when I was 11

8. I quit smoking when I was 18

9. My favorite take out is Chinese.

10. After I quit smoking I gained 100+ lbs

11. To date ive lost almost 120lbs in 20 months

12. Birthday is December 7th.

13. I was married at age 23...

14. ...and Valentine's day 2011 it will be 6yrs =)

15. My husband & I met online though a friend of ours we both met online, he drove 14hrs to ask me to marry him we got married & I came back to the states to see if I liked it, I did so here i am, now deal with it! =)

16. Ive never broken any bones

17. I have 0 tattoo's... but want some lol

18. 4 piercings

19. Ive never had cavity.

20. I have size 9 feet

21. I want to meet David Tennant

22. I Love 80s Metal/Rock

23. My religion is Pagan Deal with it

24. I cannot stand makeup but will wear it for special occasions.

25. When I was little I wanted to be a teacher, when I was in High school a Chef now a housewife/mom.

26. I am a housewife & hope to be a full time mom someday.

27. I worked in customer service since I was 15.

28. I do paintings & other arts and crafts.

29. Most of my friends are online

30. My goal weight is 140-150lbs. (30-50lbs left)

31. Besides my weight I am perfectly healthy

32. Big DC Comic Book Fan.

33. I am a Geek.

34. Loves old school gaming pen and paper such as D&D

35. My thing I dream about most is working out with Bob Harper

36. I have overly sensitive hearing and smell - all women do

37. Im a night owl

38. Ive never been a morning person

39. My Grandparents & my Hubby are my heroes.

40. I prefer spring/fall over summer/winter.

41. Family is most important.

42. I watch most my TV online.

43. I really don't trust my dad/step mom

44. In high school I was always called a FREAK

45. I am very sensible with money.

46. I am scared shitless of clowns.

47. I love cats

48. ...And I believe EVERYONE should be happy

49. wishes people would keep there promises

50. I love shopping!!!

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