Monday, October 28, 2013

Justice League: War

Hubby & I are totally excited!

Monday, October 21, 2013


*dances around and jumps around*


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

So Since I Started Working......

Ive been really slacking on cooking home cooked from scratch meals...
Thing is so much to do and so tired, i know I only work part time but so many things are taking up my time and energy anymore...
Can't wait til this car is paid off then i can go back home full time (about 2 months I should  have it paid off, but prolly continue working til Feb to save some moneyz for the kiddo)
So tonight im making a special dinner
Veal Pasta sauce on top of spinach & mushroom stuffed Manicotti
and a GIANT COOKIE for dessert..

Something I did for hubby cause hes just the best ever thanks to the girls at works help and all, we will be celebrating 9 years this coming up Valentines day in 2014! =)

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Life Updates!

Well life has been wonderful hubby & I been blessed thats fer sure, thanking god so much as of late for everything! =)

I am my Home Association Treasurer now!

We also been spending a lot of time hanging out and getting things ready for a yard sale, found stuff we wont use, kitchen appliances, books, dvds, clothes, baseball cards, other odds and ends.

So we are cleaning up and getting things together for a sale AND making room for the baby or babies see what god has planned anyways =)

About to go on 3 years living in the new house, also almost got my car paid off, then gonna put a couple more checks aside then probably call it a job well done and quit after the holidays, I still have so much to do before the kiddo(s) come along, wanna do a Justice League mural in the kids room, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in the bathroom and finish my Asian themed kitchen its about half way done now, we turned Bruce's old room into a Library / Den / TV Room, so our upstairs area is a sitting/gaming room for when friends come over. We are so excited =)

Not much else been going on really, getting money saved up, more money saved up for comicon, its a 3 day con next year, I have inside scoop being the co-leader of the Doctor Who group in our area, turns out they invited John Barrowman which is AHHHHHHHHHHEXXXXXXXXXCITING! I hope they get him =) They are also inviting a ton more Doctor Who guests, so guess we will see whats gonna happen.

Also got half our Christmas shopping done, usually we are done by now but with me working too things have really fallen behind, we always had bbq 1-2 times a week during the summer, not this year since I been working so now i gotta find out a day to get date nights going with our friends next door and others too and plan one and request the time off and grill up some of this chicken and ribs that way I can get some fresher stuff in the freezer before winter hits, north of us is already getting freaken snow! CRAZY I SAY!

anyways... tired... got in from work around 7:30... should try and get some sleep, should stay awake but im so tired........ *thud* Zzzzzzz