Monday, January 25, 2010

Life Updates!

I have to say I am very lucky & blessed to have a wonderful husband, I told him the other night, "Your the best husband ever!"

He said, "Naw, I just married the best & it makes me look good!"

He's just so awesome ^_^ ~ <3

Well on updates of life let's see...

Still working on the house, kitchen is almost half way done now kinda sorta, basement still needs work but we are on the crunch of things now, time is running out since we wanna have the house up by May/June. Gotta call my mother in law today to see if she can take some of our stuff we packed up & store it in her basement.

Health wise, blessed for our health! ~ Hubby & I went for a full blood workup to see if we where healthy, so far so good just low on Vit D. Which a lot of doctors don't check we where told but ours did. So now for 12 weeks we need to take some extra strong Vit D to get our levels back up. ~ After 12 weeks another blood test & if our levels are up, need to slap on a supplement if not we gotta run another 12 weeks with the Vit D.

Another note on health, tomorrow is weigh in day for me, been trying to weigh in every Tuesday, Last Tuesday I think I was at 207? I can't remember now. Id have to double check but I can tell I been losing more weight & quick I might add thanks to the meds my doc put me on to help speed up the process a bit. ~ My legs, arms and butt hardly have anymore fat on them, my belly is there but so much smaller, I mean I can fit into hubbys jeans and clothes now! ; )

Other than that and working on the house, we been watching a lot of movies catching up on that, we have D20 game day 1-2 times a month depending on hubbys schedule. We been visiting our friends on and off.

One thing I have noticed people get married they don't see there friends much anymore, always happens that way, just how life is. Sean & Becca got married don't see them much, Forrest & Mandy got married don't see them as much. Even us! Be honest we enjoy "US" time a lot more then going to see friends. But hey it happens just need to get over it. It Just happens like that, get the US time in before we have kids, speaking of kids......

No I am not preggers "yet" but if all goes well with the one more test in July then it will be baby time & I can kick all my meds for good exp if my weight is down where I want it :) ~ Less weight = healthier preggers for mommy & baby & easier too! ~ Also we been wanting to change a lot of our bad habits, not just for ourselves but for our future kids. (This is for those of you who THINK I am changing my hubby or he is changing me) WRONG! We are changing because WE WANT TO! We want long happy healthy lives for us and for our kids. We got rid of all the bad foods we eat & are eating healthy, quit smoking, losing weight etc etc BECAUSE WE WANT TO! We just make ourselves some goals and stick to it by challenging one another! ~ He's been smoke free coming up a year this spring, I been on track with diet/exercise for almost a year, we can do it! :)

Hubby & I are also coming up on 5 years, been awhile already, and you know we also agreed with one another many more years on top of it, millions and trillions even ; ) ~ So all you people out there that think/thought we where such a "Lost Cause" STFU! Get over yourselves. Your all one to talk with your marriages/relationships. ~ You guys are/where so called friends/family of the past & will remain there. We don't need your negativity! We don't want anything to do with you all PERIOD! Exp the ones Ive asked to be aunts/uncles to our kids, HA! Like hell that will happen now, found us some new friends/family that will take that roll because they deserve it & don't talk shit behind peoples back that are suppose to be "Friends/Family" Reason when I left Canada I left a lot of you behind, blog about this cry whine moan, we don't' care one bit honestly.

We are happy & have one another & that's how it will remain, I found my soul mate & my soul mate found me his soul mate, that wont change, we are everything to one another. Also helps a lot when our friends & family say we are the model relationship to them, like how my grandparents where the model relationship for a lot of folks too, We/I learned from them. Before we got married we said to one another, "Once and only once no divorce and no looking back all we have is forward", and that's exactly what we are planning on doing! =]

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I Have The Best Hubby Ever!

You probably are wondering why, do I need a reason he's just the best! :)

We been though A LOT in the last month, more so with Doc apps getting though the holidays, just so much going on!

Well December started out as it usually does, billions of Birthdays (mother in law, friends, mine, father in laws) - Well day after my birthday was my FIRST OBGYN APP! - This I have to be honest I wasn't looking forward too. I hadn't had a Pap in 10 years, I never knew I had to go every year, I never had any problems. Well turns out women are suppose to go every 2-3 years some every year, depends on the person. Well I took a deep breath thought to myself, what a WONDERFUL Birthday present to myself *rolls eyes*

2 weeks passed, we got though the holidays..... I got test results of a abnormal pap, I thought, wtf does that mean? OB told me we need to do further testing, I was like hm okay... week went by I was very worried to the point I started reading everything online, stopped working out, calling all our close friends the girls only of course (Amy, Ms Gloria, Kim, Mandy, Becca, My Mother in Law, Step Mother) I was like, " I am freaking out here " Finally the docs office calls back and says, "Well your test came back HPV positive" I was like, "WTF does that mean" At this point I was terrified! I started researching online, calling our friends. In tears, crying with all the info I read/heard. My step mother & some friends that been though there own HPV experience told me to calm down, after talking with everyone I finally felt a bit better.

Finally I had another app to get a conoscopy (If I spelt that right) - Now that WASN'T FUN at all !! - OB told me he didn't see anything to worry about after a hour maybe of poking around. He said there is 500 cases of HPV and 13 of them are bad/worrisome (Because if I got this info right those 13 are the ones that can cause Cervical Cancer) - The other 400 something can go away on there own by being attacked by the immune system or if it stays they just keep a eye on it to be sure kinda thing, but most men are the carriers of HPV and don't even realize it, the nurse told me, "Mine comes back abnormal every other year, so don't worry it happens to all of us at some point". WAS I RE-LEAVED! I was worried about not being able to have kids and so many other things it wasn't even funny.

But this is a few of many reasons why I have the best hubby ever! - He came into the room with me to hold my hand & keep me calm while they did the further testing, he told me, "Even if we can't have kids to me our life is perfect the way it is & I will still wanna be with you no matter what, I Love You & that wont change." - Thing is OB told me I can still have kids not to worry - The good news also is in 6 months when I go back for another test just to be sure all is okay, if all is okay I could kick my meds for good & we can start trying for a family. I am pretty excited as is hubby. July can't come soon enough! But don't wanna rush it :)

We got a lot of work yet to do with the house, down to the kitchen/basement as the last two rooms, I been back on track with weight loss since yesterday & I lost 1lb since, over 40 lost now & 15 inches, still got about 50-55 to go! :)

I am just very happy as is hubby, now to get on with our fav part of the day! - Movie/Dinner/Cuddled up on the couch :) - We are one anothers fav person we tell one another that all the time. I am truly blessed & happy to have found him, he's my soul mate & I love him very much!

Thanks Again Everyone for your thoughts & prayers means a lot to us, those friends that have been here for us your all the greatest, WE LOVE YOU GUYS! :)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Doctor Who = Spring 2010

Yes It's Matt Smith, gonna miss David :(