Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Heroes of Cosplay, by Syfy..

Cant say much on this due to the NDA agreement or whatever but they finally announced that they are airing the 6 part mini series on Syfy, first date for it is Aug 13th 2013 @ 9:30pm cst

Myself and 10 of my friends did a fem 11 doctor cosplay, we where on the show and stuff, dunno how they are going to lay out things but guess we shall see what will happen when the show airs...


I know it been awhile but life has gotten really busy as of late...

Hubby & I are getting rdy to welcome kiddo's into our lives, which could be anytime now

We been really busy with work... I just started a job this month decorating donuts & cakes, part time nothing fancy, just something to make some extra funds for a few months to get a 2nd car so I have a car when the babies arrive this way if i need to get around while hes at work or something, which will help in the long run =)

Still working on my art projects with the house, we are talking about making a movie room kinda like a theater den kinda thing, we are excited about it, Plus our friend moved out so i been working on my last 100lbs of weight loss, SO HAPPY about that, it was hard with him here and I managed to gain 40lbs back but I lost over 20 in the last month! I know well we know he still didn't have a job but we couldn't have him stay here anymore I mean... 3.5 years go by, still no job, stays downstairs all the time, comes with me shopping but seems he wouldn't make no effort when I told him of jobs, it was nice with the help of some of the fit it stuff when it was done right & I didn't have to hear hubby bitch how wrong it was done or it was taking to long... But we just couldn't do it anymore, I mean it felt like we had a teenager that would sleep all day, play games all night... and with me in 3 days of job hunting I get 2 interviews, something is really fishy, so hubby & I decided it was time.. so hes living with my hubby's brother and his brothers wife, maybe he will have better luck that way who knows, but we wish him the best!

Not much else going on really just been trying to get things taken care of before kiddo(s) its going to be exciting! ~ Got rid of all the bad influences in our lives (well almost) but the main ones we did, now to relax and enjoy life more... hubby & I met 9 years ago, married 8.5 years... those ppl that said we are a lost cause and we wont make it *flips the bird* you wonder why we don't keep in touch, yeah... reason we don't like you, reason you or us aren't around you... so DEAL with it, you brought it upon yourself PERIOD.

But yeah, things have been so much better =)
We are blessed and we await the fun god has in store for us, he provides, god is awesome!