Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Costume

This is ..... just no!
One she don't look the part, shes to small, even with her recent gym buff up she hasn't shes what 5'4''? I am sorry but wonder woman is over 6" tall, like seriously?
and what the hell did they think to make the costume BROWN?
Not to mention casting Ben Affleck to play Batman that was a kick in the throat as it was
They could of done so much better
Ya call it my nerd rage or whatever you want but I am SO NOT looking forward to seeing this movie, as is my hubby, maybe when it comes on netflix thats a HUGE maybe I have to say, this is totally disgusting, what were they thinking? I don't think they were.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Updates, I know It's Been Awhile, But....

Things have been pretty crazy, we had a few hits on our adoption profile, but the mom picked someone else so back to waiting.

I finally went down to one day a week at work which leaves me time to work on projects and get a few things done, not to mention tons of time with hubby!

We went to Britishfest which is ran by 2 friends of ours up to the north of us in another state, it was a ton of fun, went to a local gaming con, to be honest it sucked, we did meet some great new friends though!

We started playing D&D again, got some new games, getting ready for the fall, its been a mild summer which has been nice, we been playing a lot of Final Fantasy 14 together and with our good friend Mike its been wonderful fun!

Sad news hubbys step dad died, he was in another battle with cancer, we thought he was gonna make it but he coded and it went so fast :(

Back in May I started some anxiety meds which made me sleep A LOT, so ... yeah I started sleeping on my shoulder funny which caused it to hurt, I got my dose lowered, thought my shoulder would heal, ended up falling outta bed while sound asleep, hubby was laying there petting our kitty and seen me just WOOP and fall outta bed, he didn't know I was still asleep til i got up with a OW .... my shoulder been acting up even more, docs say its inflamed nothing been helping til now, with new meds, Xrays and EKG been done too, Blood work, to see whats going on.... just waiting on results.

In other news hubby & I been doing awesome in between all the crazy busy times and sad times, but we been doing pretty well, we are thxful and blessed for a lot! We got our 10 year coming up, looking forward to having a 10 year party and inviting all our close family and friends.  Prolly next summer since our anniversary is on V-day.

So well thats about it really, getting ready for the new doctor who next weekend !

Well I better get going I leave you with some of my art I been working on, enjoy!

its still a work in progress! Ill have it up on my devientart page once its done :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I know bad blogger! I haven't updated in awhile since we been so busy!
Life has been busy got a few hits on our adoption profile but the parents/mom picked someone else so back to waiting, but it gives us some more time to get a few things done!
When hubby has been working as of late I been watching house and playing FFXIV and the remastered FFX, on the nights I don't work of course, in between housework and other projects, I can't wait tho as of June 1st I am going down to one day a week at work!
Why you might ask?
Well since we been doing the adoption stuff I been trying to get projects done, even tho i was only working a few days a week its gotten more busy as of late and I been doing more days which is totally getting in the way of getting things done, I know people have vacation and other stuff but when I req'd days off and the other person who does my work also does too and hes always giving it to her and not me, i mean thats not fair, even HR said that hes suppose to flip between us exp since shes FT and im only PT, Ive also been sleeping to much, I went on anxiety meds and I really wanna get back on track with my workouts, ive enjoyed my mind not racing 100x a min and able to sleep but as heavy as I been sleeping i don't think its normal lol, but I been writing things down and making a game plan, tho the anxiety meds are gonna be temp, gonna try going off them very soon =)
Having a full plate will do it so my doc has helped me out, hes a wonderful doc too!
I was thinking of quitting all together but meh ill do one day, keep the discount and retirement. HR also told me since im PT they have to work with me and I can do what i need to do!
Hubbys been doing well, he loves work, hes been working OT on and off to help with some extra stuff we have needed, our freezer died so got a new one, fridge was leaky and caused our floor to get damaged so found one on clearance with a rebate, things been pretty awesome, got us a group of friends we can have fun with and just plan out have awesome fun, geeky fun! Games etc!
We have cut off certain friends and try not to contact some of them cause there such a pain who like to cause fights and issues, they are one of many reasons i started my BP meds again and part of the reason I got on anxiety meds, BUT now that they haven't been around its been awesome and I can go off the meds hopefully soon, plus going down to one day will help too!
It's now summer time to BBQ and have fun, hubby and I are working on a comic with our friend Cody, tons of other things going on but its been so great!
I am truly thankful and blessed for a amazing hubby, family and friends, I know he is too, we are truly blessed, thank God everyday =)

Well better finish up a few things I been crafting in XIV, i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

ps... i also am planning to finish my cookbook and more art, so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Congratz Jer, well deserved !!

I went to school with Eric Young back in the day, have to say well deserved hun! =)


I obviously know him by his real name tho ;)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Comicon & Updates!

This past weekend was comicon, we met so many wonderful actors and actress' as well as friends! ~ We had a BLAST! ~ Got to meet William Shatner, Eddie McClintock, Sylvester McCoy, David Yost, Jewel Staite, total awesomeness totally lost for words cause it was so epic!  

Mr McCoy when he was trying to wrap up my  4th doctor scarf around him too he said, "you made this didn't you" I said "yes" he said "you are very talented and its beautiful"  Hes such a sweetheart!

Eddie McClintock he was such a sweetie, he spent most of the day on the other side of his table standing and talking with fans, his list for prices was hugs $4000 then it was scratched out and said FREE then autographs where 30 and pics where 10 and advice was $14 and he has some other silly things listed, he took the time talking with fans for 10mins even! ~ I got in the line at the end of the day cause his line was SO BUSY all day, and I explained to him that I just spent my last $5 and came by to say hi and get a hug and shake his hand and that I was coming by most of the day to see him but he was really busy, and he told me he was happy that I came by to say hi, he hugged me 3 times, and I said I know you charge for photos with you but would you mind ? and he said not at all, so I grabbed hubby  to get in the photo with us & got a photo thanks to one of the volunteers taking the picture  =)

 Had a wonderful weekend overall, hubby & I had a blast and with life updates things been wonderful, truly blessed, God has been wonderful thats for sure! ~ We did have a hit on our adoption profile he mom was due in May with a little boy but she picked someone else, so in the meantime we been comiconing it, working on house projects, spending time with our fur babies, playing final fantasy 14 and just relaxing when we aren't working. Of course spending loads of time together and our friends we enjoy spending time with, you know the drama free ones that don't cause problems in our lives, the good ones =)

We been planning to hit up 2 more conventions this year too, I am going to continue working for a few more months, save up some funds now that my car is paid off (paid it off in dec, bought it in July) the once its all said and done come home and work on some more home projects for the adoption place and get full force into workout mode and plan our 10 year vow renewal for next year. Our friends next door there sister is coming from Cali shes a sweetie, she said she be happy to be my workout buddy, so this makes me very excited I can finally get my last 100 or so lbs off, exp now that Bruce been gone since June last year.

Health wise we just got our results back and our Cholesterol has gone down which is good, my BP is getting down which is good, helps when you don't have people who cause drama in your life around, I did have to start taking some anxiety meds just a temporary thing tho til im done working, my boss can be a douche, I req certain days off for a  reason for example this past weekend I req'd off cause of comicon, also req the monday off cause we had friends coming in from outta town, he schedules me monday (today) even tho I req'd it off and told him i was going to as of last year, the other donut person req'd it a month ago yet he schedules ME, so since he was on vacation i went to one of the guys that was a step above him, this isn't the first time ive had to go above him, he told me not to worry they would take care of it, just enjoy my weekend. So glad for that! ~ 

He just irritates me beyond words which im only there 2 days a week but it was starting to get to me with all the crap i been trying to accomplish around the house .... workouts, paintings, etc ... but yeah.... so til im done this job im gonna take these meds, they been really helpful tho ^_^

I have started and finished some painting projects which has been awesome, again the meds been helping and I don't feel overwhelmed =) I do have Plantar fasciitis in my left foot, started acting up a few months after I started working, not much I can do about it really but it takes away some workout time when its very painful after work and takes a few days to recover, but once I come back home full time i think it will go away a bit.

Anyways long post I know but its been awhile since I updated, guess ill leave you guys with more pics of the convention and my art work, thanks for reading!

~ Noire

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

RIP Egon :(

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Final Fantasy 14

So hubby & I started playing FF14 about 3 months ago, I beta tested it back in the day and I had NO intention of buying the game cause I thought well we are saving for the kiddo(s) and I am playing wow .... even tho I own every FF game ever made but 11 I was like um nahhhhhhhh

til a couple weeks before black friday hubby came back from Mike's and was like, "You heard of FF14, its like awesome Mike showed it to me" and started going on about it.... I was like, "Don't you remember when I beta tested it? I just didn't get to involved cause I didn't wanna pay the cost of it cause we are saving for the kiddo(s)" then it clicked and hubby remembered =P

Then the black friday ads came out and we saw FF14 for the PC for $15 and PS3 for $20, hubby then told me PS3 and PC players could play together...

I said, "Well we would have to upgrade your desktop if your gonna play" he then got quiet and goes, "well see I was gonna get ya a ps3 for your birthday since well the ps4 is coming out and you know the ps3 will go down in price" I was floor'd i had no idea! I mean he JUST got me a kitchen aid mixer for my birthday.... so yeah.... guess who got spoiled :P

I told him, "This is enough for our anniversary and my birthday and Christmas hes not allowed to buy anymore stuff for at least the next 10 years! He said, "yeah but I get comics and things all year long you really don't get anything cause you never want anything, and you cook, clean take care of everything including me and when we have kids your gonna be a great mom, only thing I do is cat litter, so birthday, christmas and anniversary is my time to spoil you"

I told him, " fine i wont complain " =)

So we made one of every character and we split up the crafting classes, and I just dinged 50 on my Goldsmith last night ^_^

I have the best hubby EVER and I thank God everyday for bringing us together <3 p="">We just celebrated 9yrs not even 2 weeks ago, and we are looking to so many more years!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy 9 Years To Hubby & I !!

9 years ago today I married my best friend & soul mate, we been though so much together! From the move from Canada to our ups and downs to buying and selling houses to everything and anything together, we couldn't ask for more! ~ We thank God everyday for bringing us together, meeting in a online game though a mutual friend back in 2004 ! We talked online for about 8 months and over the phone too, then 3 days before Valentines day after he drove 14hrs to Canada he popped the question we talked about it many times before, of course I said "YES" and he said, "Valentines Day, this way Ill never forget!" So off we went and ran off and got married ^_^ Here is to many more years ! Which we are excited each year and looking forward to many more ♥

To those who said we are a lost cause ... yeah, go hide behind your "curtain" 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heroes of Cosplay, Season 2!

Okay so now that they are filming Heroes of Cosplay season 2, a lot of cosplayers at other conventions are talking about how HORRIBLE things have been and how they been treating cosplayers and setting ppl up to look like villains not to mention other horrible things, I think the cosplay community needs to stand together and fight these evil villains and be the TRUE Heroes of Cosplay cause this show and the people involved in it that are supposedly the shows "heroes" sure aren't! The cosplay community is NOTHING like this show shows us to be as cosplayers, they are making the cosplay community look really bad and making new cosplayers get scared off, enough is enough, we need to take stand against these horrible villains ! Also others need to know the show is set up and fake, and not real!

One person just msg'd this on the HOC page

You rigged the group competition at New Orleans Comic Con . Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves for doing that to the people who had been waiting for the hours it took to do that contest.

^ this irk's me bad, I really don't like the girls on this show and 51 minds and syfy for taking part, I hope its another crash and burn year and people will finally realize how much bull shit it is!

Monday, January 27, 2014