Saturday, February 22, 2014

Final Fantasy 14

So hubby & I started playing FF14 about 3 months ago, I beta tested it back in the day and I had NO intention of buying the game cause I thought well we are saving for the kiddo(s) and I am playing wow .... even tho I own every FF game ever made but 11 I was like um nahhhhhhhh

til a couple weeks before black friday hubby came back from Mike's and was like, "You heard of FF14, its like awesome Mike showed it to me" and started going on about it.... I was like, "Don't you remember when I beta tested it? I just didn't get to involved cause I didn't wanna pay the cost of it cause we are saving for the kiddo(s)" then it clicked and hubby remembered =P

Then the black friday ads came out and we saw FF14 for the PC for $15 and PS3 for $20, hubby then told me PS3 and PC players could play together...

I said, "Well we would have to upgrade your desktop if your gonna play" he then got quiet and goes, "well see I was gonna get ya a ps3 for your birthday since well the ps4 is coming out and you know the ps3 will go down in price" I was floor'd i had no idea! I mean he JUST got me a kitchen aid mixer for my birthday.... so yeah.... guess who got spoiled :P

I told him, "This is enough for our anniversary and my birthday and Christmas hes not allowed to buy anymore stuff for at least the next 10 years! He said, "yeah but I get comics and things all year long you really don't get anything cause you never want anything, and you cook, clean take care of everything including me and when we have kids your gonna be a great mom, only thing I do is cat litter, so birthday, christmas and anniversary is my time to spoil you"

I told him, " fine i wont complain " =)

So we made one of every character and we split up the crafting classes, and I just dinged 50 on my Goldsmith last night ^_^

I have the best hubby EVER and I thank God everyday for bringing us together <3 p="">We just celebrated 9yrs not even 2 weeks ago, and we are looking to so many more years!

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