Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heroes of Cosplay, Season 2!

Okay so now that they are filming Heroes of Cosplay season 2, a lot of cosplayers at other conventions are talking about how HORRIBLE things have been and how they been treating cosplayers and setting ppl up to look like villains not to mention other horrible things, I think the cosplay community needs to stand together and fight these evil villains and be the TRUE Heroes of Cosplay cause this show and the people involved in it that are supposedly the shows "heroes" sure aren't! The cosplay community is NOTHING like this show shows us to be as cosplayers, they are making the cosplay community look really bad and making new cosplayers get scared off, enough is enough, we need to take stand against these horrible villains ! Also others need to know the show is set up and fake, and not real!

One person just msg'd this on the HOC page

You rigged the group competition at New Orleans Comic Con . Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves for doing that to the people who had been waiting for the hours it took to do that contest.

^ this irk's me bad, I really don't like the girls on this show and 51 minds and syfy for taking part, I hope its another crash and burn year and people will finally realize how much bull shit it is!

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