Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I know bad blogger! I haven't updated in awhile since we been so busy!
Life has been busy got a few hits on our adoption profile but the parents/mom picked someone else so back to waiting, but it gives us some more time to get a few things done!
When hubby has been working as of late I been watching house and playing FFXIV and the remastered FFX, on the nights I don't work of course, in between housework and other projects, I can't wait tho as of June 1st I am going down to one day a week at work!
Why you might ask?
Well since we been doing the adoption stuff I been trying to get projects done, even tho i was only working a few days a week its gotten more busy as of late and I been doing more days which is totally getting in the way of getting things done, I know people have vacation and other stuff but when I req'd days off and the other person who does my work also does too and hes always giving it to her and not me, i mean thats not fair, even HR said that hes suppose to flip between us exp since shes FT and im only PT, Ive also been sleeping to much, I went on anxiety meds and I really wanna get back on track with my workouts, ive enjoyed my mind not racing 100x a min and able to sleep but as heavy as I been sleeping i don't think its normal lol, but I been writing things down and making a game plan, tho the anxiety meds are gonna be temp, gonna try going off them very soon =)
Having a full plate will do it so my doc has helped me out, hes a wonderful doc too!
I was thinking of quitting all together but meh ill do one day, keep the discount and retirement. HR also told me since im PT they have to work with me and I can do what i need to do!
Hubbys been doing well, he loves work, hes been working OT on and off to help with some extra stuff we have needed, our freezer died so got a new one, fridge was leaky and caused our floor to get damaged so found one on clearance with a rebate, things been pretty awesome, got us a group of friends we can have fun with and just plan out have awesome fun, geeky fun! Games etc!
We have cut off certain friends and try not to contact some of them cause there such a pain who like to cause fights and issues, they are one of many reasons i started my BP meds again and part of the reason I got on anxiety meds, BUT now that they haven't been around its been awesome and I can go off the meds hopefully soon, plus going down to one day will help too!
It's now summer time to BBQ and have fun, hubby and I are working on a comic with our friend Cody, tons of other things going on but its been so great!
I am truly thankful and blessed for a amazing hubby, family and friends, I know he is too, we are truly blessed, thank God everyday =)

Well better finish up a few things I been crafting in XIV, i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

ps... i also am planning to finish my cookbook and more art, so stay tuned!