Saturday, September 22, 2007

For Those Of You Asking ....

Here it is!
How my hubby & I met!

*** I got married On Valentines day 2005 To my wonderful husband! Who I love very much.. We met on a online game back in September of 2004 thanks to our awesome friend we met in game as well! & City Of heroes * The Game * But it was funny cause at that time he was playing a female charter as most men do. Reason why? I don't know most do because they say they rather watch a female characters ass running then a males which I could understand. But it was funny because I thought he was a chick =oP Opps! My bad?! Its funny cause he is another me and i am another him just the male female difference and everyone says and agrees ... hehe ... I'm so happy and yet so spoiled he is to of course.

Well one day after months and months of talking daily 2-4-6-8+ hrs a day on the chat and phone he had said that he would buy me a bus ticket to come the USA to visit and told that he loved me once again.. he secretly planned to purpose to me on Valentines day over dinner I didn't know this at all! ... But I didn't matter I was taking that bus! So I then jumped on the bus and headed over the border. Well before I did I called everyone I could get ahold of to say goodbye and that I would be back soon. Most I got ahold of thought I was OUT OF MY MIND! Well I called my best friend because I knew if i left and didn't say bye and something happened she would find some way to hunt me down and strangle me herself. But sadly at that time I got the machine. So I left a msg. Well it sucked anyways because when I got to the border I didn't know about all the proper paperwork. Usually when i went to the USA all i needed was my birth certificate little did i know i needed rent receipts, work statements etc to prove i was coming back to Canada.. Because after 9/11 It got more strict. Well when we looked to see what I needed to cross on the government website all it said was birth certificate... BUT! The Website wasn't UPDATED I was informed in quite sometime! But they where just doing there jobs I understand and I am not worried. =)

Well when I got back into Canada I called him from a payphone crying cause I wanted him to know what had happened. Well I was downtown in my city tears frozen to my face because it was WAY BELOW 0 degrees at this time. He told me, " Don't worry get home where its warm and I love you and that we will get though this." We talked for a few hours after a while when i got home on the phone AFTER my roommate went to work. He said he was going to see about taking a 20hr bus ride to come up and see me. I told him he was crazy! But I knew he was crazy for me! hehe =) as i was crazy for him and we are still crazy but anyways ... We then went to bed and i woke up the next day to a msg on my PC saying " Gone 2 dads to see about a rental car " Then my friend that i met in game msg'd me and told me he was planning to drive up to Canada to see me and he wouldn't leave without me. I was like OMG okay.... She said, " If this/that isn't true love I don't know what is Chickie."

So sure enough when he got back he messaged me and told me he got a car. I told him okay. Drive safe, Love you and all that good mushy stuff. =) So he drove 14hrs to come spend the weekend with me then try to take me back to the USA to meet his parents. Well on the weekend I showed him around town. We had fun. We went out to dinner with my 2 best friends we did a bunch of things. =) Then the one night in the hotel room he says lets get married Monday since it's Valentines day and all... I didn't know what to say but YES! I know we talked about it before but it seemed so right for the both of us because of the timing and because we are so much in love. Then he said, "Valentines Day I sure wont forget our anniversary now! And if I do you can kick my ass." I started laughing. Well after we got married we said our last goodbyes and headed for the border and from there it was a long 14hr drive back. We stopped to visit our friend that we met in game for the first time and her daughter and her husband then after we left. We then looked on happy and excited to see what would happen next and sure enough! We get allot of excitement everyday!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Post 577 Since October 2004!

Yes I am a geek but yup thats how many posts I have had Since I started blogger 3 years ago....


I am finally back online!
I know it's only been a day but what a day it was!

Sunday night I headed to bed about 11pm
I tossed and turned for hours and hours....
It totally sucked cause I knew I had to be at work for noon on Monday
Finally by 5am still tossing in turning I then decided to get up and start cleaning and repositioning the living room and spare room, since hubby's dad's house finally sold he is moving his stuff in between today and wed.
So when hubby got home from work at 6:30am he just looked at me cleaning away got changed from work and came to help.
About 10am I was like omg I am gonna fall over....
I took a nap from 10-11 and then got up showered and went to work
Yeah that sucked cause when i got to work there was 65 boxes of shipment
When I got done work I was so wanting to go home like NOW!
But instead I went to hubby's dads house to bring some blankets and stuff downstairs (In my heels and stuff cause I haven't changed from work) Then took a seat while the guys took the bed down and put it in the truck and other things.
Then FINALLY was able to go home, poor hubby been up for 24hrs before he fell asleep
I was so happy to get home, I figured pizza was the easy way last nite that way there was left overs for lunch today, the place was such a mess and I was so tired I didn't wanna cook.
So that was that.
Today I was off work thankfully but dang so much to do.
Tomorrow they don't need me which is GREAT!
Hubby and I can finish the last few boxes then RELAX
Then things can go back to being NORMAL as they can be anyways, lol.
Well time for a City OF Heroes fix, oh how I have missed my friends and playing...
yeah.. I am a geek =P
One thing that does need to go away though is this baseball size knot in my back :(

OH! forgot, my Sailor Moon Box Set II is finally here!
Now i have all the Sailor Moon series but live action, now to hunt that down :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tim Hortons

Wow, reading Yahoo news today I found out a few things about the place I worked for ... for 4 years....
It was a crappy place to work, treated people like crap, they prolly still do, reason why many people I know quit.
Well now.....
Tim Hortons has 2,733 restaurants in Canada and 345 in the United States as of July 1.
Go figure...
It's a nice place and you will get some people that are really great towards there customers and stuff....
As for the owners most I know from experience got there fingers up there ass and wipe there ass with the bills they make and don't care.
I worked for one of them.
Ah well..
I do miss my timmies coffee and earl grey tea
I used to make all the cookies and other baked goods for them
Funny how in City of heroes I'm known as the cookie mistress and i used to bake cookies for a living and other baked goods b4 I went to retail in beauty supplies as a manager :)
It's all good
Today just thought I post a Lil rant, history if you wanna call it, and I'm happy right now with my life and the job i have being a manager it's fun still so far :)
Well time for breakfast and to watch Sailor Moon & spend time with hubby :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well we finally got done watching Season One, I already seen it but I got hubby hooked on watching it, he loved it!

The wait...
For season Two....
Have to wait until his dad moves in to get cable back....
Until then we are gonna have to watch it online .....

Let the count down begin!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ding x2 !!

Woot We did it!

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Both my good friend John Elway (played by Pepsiman) and Sonica dinged moments apart from one another at the level of 50!
It was a long road but great fun for both of us!
Gratz to ya again Pepsi :)
Thanks to everyone that helped!
As for whos next.. Hmm
I have Cute Canadian at lvl 36, my Corruptor rad/thermal at almost lvl 34, snow is 33 i think but she is duo'd with a friend of mine....
So at this point I am not sure
Well time to get ready for work!
Ill be about back in game tomorrow cause tonite is D&D nite and i work from 9-5 tomorrow so I wont be about until late again =/

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Boobs!


My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok

I'm lazy, admit it, work is not for me
Busy doing nothing
I'm a beauty queen
I don't cook, I don't clean
They do it for me
I'm such a stupid girl

I keep my religion in a Gucci purse
Oh my god, I just forgot the rest of this verse
Who cares? I never passed junior high
It was so hard!
So what?

My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
And no matter what you say
I know they're ok
My boobs are ok

Just stupid to study
I ain't got a brain
So I never went to college
Couldn't find the way
I wished every tomorrow was a holiday
I'm such a crazy girl

Dumb as they come, oh, can't you see?
My cup size and IQ work in harmony
Just don't ask me about economy
Unless it is for free


And with the makeup on, to make these fine
A little glamour from my hips to my tongue
That's the name of the game
You gotta know the rules
If you wanna give up
You gotta play it cool
You're so cool!

Come on, girls
Give me a Boo (Boo!)
Give me a b (B!)
Give me a s (s!)
Go Boobs!

Go Boobs!

Go Boobs!


My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok

My Boobs, my boobs
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
My Boobs, my boobs
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok

And no matter what you say
I know they're ok
My boobs are ok

Work... Life... More Work... Ugh....

Well today was day 3 of manager training.
It's pretty easy just a pain in the butt really.
The banking deal is what I gotta remember other then that it's pretty easy, so far..... next week I gotta look into and know how to close.
The job isn't hard it's just my energy level SUCKS!
I also miss being at home cause well... the house is a mess!
I know I didn't have to take this promotion the money isn't needed, heck the experence isn't needed...
Your prolly sitting there going why? everyone can use the extra cash and experence...
One.. I have management experence yeah this is a bit diffrent but meh...
extra cash sure great but it's not like we NEED it just WANT it :)
well at least I do..
I want it so we can save up quicker for a new house and fix this one up and have kids etc etc.. but yeah....
We wanna move outta this crappy town
I am gonna try to hang onto it for a bit
make extra cash
I do want my second SM box set and a compy upgrade so um yeah hang onto it for awhile... I want a uber compy and maybe pay for a year of city of heroes on both my accounts...
Get hubby a few things i been wanting to buy for him
and more smell good stuff from work....
so yeah
need to keep it for now..
must do so to get these few things I want...
But can't save for that until Nov.....
plus we been talking about new wedding rings ....
those are cheep though $20 each or less ;P
But anyways I'm going to bed, its almost 9pm
ill prolly sleep until 7am again
I know I'm a brat
always have been
So what it's better then being a BITCH
it does suck but i want my goodies
I do need to call around for a quote on physicals just to make sure I'm tip top shape health wise... dang i miss my free health care =/
I am sure I'm fine...
Just need to keep losing weight :)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Smell Good Stuff & Stuff !

Well wow, time just flew by its already September!
That means time to stick in my fall smell good wallflowers :)
I wasn't to impressed with the pineapple mango, I couldn't even smell it. But my friend Jilly said she could, it was quite weird.. But I still wasn't impressed with them.
But I did pick out 2 good ones this time they smell wonderful and I can actually smell them, well prolly until I get used to it then I wont be able too.
I picked:

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For the bedrooms :)


I picked:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

For the living room/kitchen.

So far it smells like a apple and pear orchard. It smells so yummy!

Today hubby and I went to the breakfast buffet then came home and watched Sailor Moon. We had alot of fun, but now hes headed back to bed cause he's gotta work tonight. So I think I am awake enough to play some City Of Heroes

On another note I start my training this week for manager, I am pretty nervous yet excited. But again I keep telling myself if it gets to be to much to step down and go back to being at home more which I know I love being at home and taking care of things but time will tell, I am going at least try and hang on as long as I can if it gets to be to much to help save moneys and pay back a few things and then see what happens after that but so far so good :)

I couldn't ask for much more really, I am happy :)