Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Post 577 Since October 2004!

Yes I am a geek but yup thats how many posts I have had Since I started blogger 3 years ago....


I am finally back online!
I know it's only been a day but what a day it was!

Sunday night I headed to bed about 11pm
I tossed and turned for hours and hours....
It totally sucked cause I knew I had to be at work for noon on Monday
Finally by 5am still tossing in turning I then decided to get up and start cleaning and repositioning the living room and spare room, since hubby's dad's house finally sold he is moving his stuff in between today and wed.
So when hubby got home from work at 6:30am he just looked at me cleaning away got changed from work and came to help.
About 10am I was like omg I am gonna fall over....
I took a nap from 10-11 and then got up showered and went to work
Yeah that sucked cause when i got to work there was 65 boxes of shipment
When I got done work I was so wanting to go home like NOW!
But instead I went to hubby's dads house to bring some blankets and stuff downstairs (In my heels and stuff cause I haven't changed from work) Then took a seat while the guys took the bed down and put it in the truck and other things.
Then FINALLY was able to go home, poor hubby been up for 24hrs before he fell asleep
I was so happy to get home, I figured pizza was the easy way last nite that way there was left overs for lunch today, the place was such a mess and I was so tired I didn't wanna cook.
So that was that.
Today I was off work thankfully but dang so much to do.
Tomorrow they don't need me which is GREAT!
Hubby and I can finish the last few boxes then RELAX
Then things can go back to being NORMAL as they can be anyways, lol.
Well time for a City OF Heroes fix, oh how I have missed my friends and playing...
yeah.. I am a geek =P
One thing that does need to go away though is this baseball size knot in my back :(

OH! forgot, my Sailor Moon Box Set II is finally here!
Now i have all the Sailor Moon series but live action, now to hunt that down :)

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