Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bad Blogger, Once Again!

I know I haven't wrote since the 6Th.
I been so crazy busy, after Grandpa's funeral and the long long bus ride back home. I am now back to work and getting life in order and some house remodeling.
I got 2 of my friends - Neut & Toonies, coming to visit in JUNE!
Also maybe a few others too, dunno yet.
It's gonna be awesome!!
Not much new going on really, A Floor set tomorrow nite at work, then my usual off Mon/Tues, thankfully!! Since I have D&D Monday.
I am redoing the background on here and getting it ready for Valentines.
Hubby & I's 3 year wedding anniversary is coming up on Valentines.
I just got my 10 year visa.
Not much new really.
But time to play some CoH!


hahaha :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Hey baby, I know ur gonna read this since my blog is the page that loads up on your compy when you first load up a web page!
I hope ur behaving yourself!
You know what I mean !!
Anyways I wanted to make a blog post and tell you how much I miss you and love you!
I will be home before you know I have been gone, I am sure of it!
I know I call you like everyday and I know ur doing okay and stuff, but I know you need me back at home soon, every time I talk to you, you sound like ur gonna fall apart!
Burning your oatmeal while being distracted by me on the phone was a hint.
My poor baby :(
Don't worry b4 ya know it I will be home alright?
You just take care of you and the kitties, no worries alright.
Just never forget how much I love and miss ya!
*hugs, love, and kisses*
Your Wife Always,

ps.. u can leave a comment I think if ya want :)