Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finally Over & Done!! YAY!!!

Some of you readers "may" know and some of you "may not" know but..... reason I haven't updated in awhile is because I was studying!! I was studying to become a US Citizen and now its DONE! Yay!!! 

Some of you new readers and some of you readers that been watching since 2004ish when I started this blog... anyway back in 2004 is when I met my hubby online though a mutual friend we both knew playing City of Heroes.  I lived in Canada at the time and her and my soon to be hubby both lived in the US. She lived in Michigan and he lived in the Mid-west! 

Well we got married about 8 months after we talked online/phone and 2 days after we met first time face to face we got married, he drove 14hrs to where I was and purposed. It was Valentines day and we talked about it many times so we ran off and did it lol.

Well my green card visa didn't expire for a few more years but I really have always loved it here in the US and have always wanted to become a citizen. It's just in the beginning after finalizing my green card, we where pretty broke lol. It's not cheap! So we decided to wait, we had 12+ years til my card expired so, we waited. This year we decided, lets get it done!

So we did! I had to study 100 civics, history and geography questions. They where only gonna ask 10 but I didn't know what 10 AND I had to at least get 6 right. Plus reading and writing English in a sentence of their choosing. It was pretty easy I got 100% I was freaking out the whole time studying and waiting for the test. Reason I took time off work (even tho i only work one day a week) I didn't wanna fail cause this is more $$$ I am paying to get this. But now it's done!

I am now a proud American! 
My home sweet home!

It always felt like home but honestly more so now that everythings been finalized. 

I promise to update more often now that the stress window has passed!
Above is the cake I made for my potluck BBQ!

I had a ton of family and friends come, it was potluck so everyone brought food and stuff, it was a lot of fun! Even one friend from work that came sang "God Bless America" for me, such a wonderful singer !! Anyway gotta get going its getting late and I need to finish up a few things before bed.