Friday, October 31, 2008

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sex!

1: Ready, set, go—there’s nearly no difference in the amount of time it takes healthy men and women to reach peak sexual arousal: roughly 10 minutes.

2: One per cent of adults have zero interest in sex and have never felt sexually attracted to anyone at all. Asexuality may be an under-the-radar sexual orientation, but researchers have only just begun to study it. On the other end of the rainbow, an estimated 3 to 6 per cent of the population have some form of sex addiction.

3: Straight, gay or flexible? Recent research suggests women may be “intrinsically bisexual,” and the higher their libido, the more they desire both sexes. In another study, the female subjects—whether they considered themselves straight or gay—were physically aroused by erotic films of both men and women. In contrast, the straight men were excited just by women, and the gay men only by men.

4: Canadian men have, on average, 23 sexual partners in total (notably more than the global average of 13), according to one recent worldwide survey. Their female counterparts reportedly have 10. The hitch? Number crunchers say the finding that men have substantially more bedmates on average than women is mathematically impossible.

5: Beyond its unsexy smell and taste, smoking appears to double a man’s risk of moderate or complete erectile dysfunction.

6: Once upon a time, doctors treated women suffering from “hysteria” by stimulating them to orgasm—a service dubbed “medical massage.” By the 1930s, it was abandoned in favour of psychotherapy.

7: Why do I bed thee? Let me count the ways. U.S. researchers who set out to catalogue all the reasons why humans have sex came up with 237 distinct ones. Among the top 10 motives, women and men had eight in common. A notable exception: “I realized I was in love” came in at number nine for women, but at number 17 for men.

8: Having sex regularly—at least once a week—may promote fertility in women by regulating hormones and menstrual patterns.

9: Male sweat contains androstadienone, a compound that enhances mood and sexual arousal in women. Alas, it also boosts levels of stress hormones. The chemical has been used as an ingredient in men’s fragrances.

10: What’s love got to do with it? Sexual arousal and romantic love activate quite distinct areas of the brain—and love is clearly the more powerful. The latter turns on dopamine-rich regions linked with motivation, and falling in love is not unlike the rush of taking cocaine, hence the addictiveness of a new crush, and the withdrawal-like symptoms of love lost.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

6 Months !!!

Hubbys been smoke free for over 6 months!
So proud of him!!
He don't need the smoking gum as much as he used too!
We still been goin to the gym, not much else new
Just leaving the bad things and people and other things that don't need to be brought around our kids when we eventually have them.
Expecally the things we got into growing up don't need our kids around that or do the same, hehe.
That's about it really, I am gonna go mess around on the interwebs while he gets some more sleep =P

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sarah Who?

What hubby said when our friend Sarah called the other night, we had not heard from in ages, lol. It was funny the way he said it.

Other then that we been hitting the gym 5 days a week, lost 10lbs but then gained 4 back... guess my body is gaining more muscle mass, We are still gaming Monday nights with Forrest and his girlfriend and the rest of the gang. Tuesdays is our day together resting and movies and dinner just the two of us. Still working on the house getting it fixed up, his dad wants to put it on the market this summer coming up, we will see though. We agreed on moving closer to Forrest better school system out that way. Heck I said Canadian schools are better we should just move there when we have kids lol. But closer to Forrest will do and life is great, still trying for kids too =P.

Still playing City of Heroes too, Natasha Snow hit 50 a couple weeks ago. other then that ... short update for now.

Oh and on Halloween we are having a small party here at our place, Forrest his gf Mandy and myself, unfort hubby has to work hes gonna miss all the fun, but we will have fun again come Monday for game night, I can't wait! Also talking about a double date with Forrest and Mandy and hubby and I when us girls cook, gonna be fun. Also talk of having a small D&D session the week before thanksgiving kinda like a family get together of gamers =P

More updates laters!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Men - To Live Longer...

Men who meet the following criteria are more likely to live longer, according to the study:

- Are married
- Are not overweight
- Have low blood pressure
- Possess a strong grip (indicating overall strength and fitness)
- Have attained a high level of education
- Have low blood sugar
- Avoid heavy drinking
- Do not smoke
- Have a low level of bad cholesterol.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Harmless Pleasure?/Coke Kills Sperm?

A article I found on today
I have to agree, why do guys look at porn when they are taken? Are us girls not good enough for them?! WTF!

I often get letters from men whose female partners take issue with their use of pornography or from women who don't like the fact that their guy consumes porn while in a relationship. Usually, their objection is something along the lines of: 'Why does he need that if he has me? Am I not enough?' Or they feel their partner must have an unhealthy attitude towards women if they buy into this stuff because it's unrealistic and degrading to women.
I agree that most of it is unrealistic. But one could argue that that is part of its charm. It's all about fantasy. As for being degrading to women, well, that's up for argument. Like any industry, there are undoubtedly bad labour practices. And, in an industry so morally reviled by our culture, forcing it to remain mostly under the radar, chances are, injustices are a little higher. But, I've met many women who are perfectly happy working in the biz.

Still, I can understand why so many women still struggle with why a guy in a perfectly happy, sexually satisfying relationship would still consume porn. Women have a lot more hurdles to get over when it comes to accepting pornography into their lives. Many adult women have grown up thinking porn is degrading to women and just an indulgence of unrealistic male fantasies that have nothing to do with us. I mean jeez, women rarely even genuinely reach orgasm in porn. It's hard to get excited about something that doesn't even address your needs. And of course, it's hard not to feel the odd twinge of jealousy when he's getting off on some blonde, legs up to here, big-breasted woman on screen. I mean, guys might be annoyed too if the tables were turned and women all over the world were watching videos of hunky men catering to our pleasure.

But personally, unless it's interfering with your relationships or your life (see my blog on sex addiction), I think viewing porn is mostly harmless. Most guys (and some of us gals) enjoy it as harmless, effective, visual stimulation, not because we aren't attracted to our partners.

If you're someone who struggles with your partner's casual use of pornography, there are a couple of good books out there that might help you work out some of the conflicting feelings you have about porn. Lisa Palac chronicles her evolution from Midwestern Catholic schoolgirl to anti-porn crusader to sex positive feminist and cutting-edge pornographer in her book, 'The Edge of My Bed: How Dirty Pictures Changed My Life'. Also Good Vibrations, a sex-positive, female-friendly sex shop in San Francisco publishes the 'Good Vibrations Guide to Adult Videos and The Ultimate Guide to Adult Videos'[Down There Press.] and 'The Smart Girl's Guide to Porn' by Violet Blue (

These books get into the history of porn and talk about the emotional and physical reactions one might have to porn. They also list videos that depict more realistic looking women and genuine female pleasure. And if you don't want to look at other people having sex, you might be more comfortable looking at yourselves in some homemade porn. British adult filmmaker Anna Span tells you how in another book from Good Vibrations entitled 'Erotic Home Videos: Create Your Own Adult Films'.

Do you have a problem with pornography or with your partner consuming it within your relationship?

On another note, I also read