Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sarah Who?

What hubby said when our friend Sarah called the other night, we had not heard from in ages, lol. It was funny the way he said it.

Other then that we been hitting the gym 5 days a week, lost 10lbs but then gained 4 back... guess my body is gaining more muscle mass, We are still gaming Monday nights with Forrest and his girlfriend and the rest of the gang. Tuesdays is our day together resting and movies and dinner just the two of us. Still working on the house getting it fixed up, his dad wants to put it on the market this summer coming up, we will see though. We agreed on moving closer to Forrest better school system out that way. Heck I said Canadian schools are better we should just move there when we have kids lol. But closer to Forrest will do and life is great, still trying for kids too =P.

Still playing City of Heroes too, Natasha Snow hit 50 a couple weeks ago. other then that ... short update for now.

Oh and on Halloween we are having a small party here at our place, Forrest his gf Mandy and myself, unfort hubby has to work hes gonna miss all the fun, but we will have fun again come Monday for game night, I can't wait! Also talking about a double date with Forrest and Mandy and hubby and I when us girls cook, gonna be fun. Also talk of having a small D&D session the week before thanksgiving kinda like a family get together of gamers =P

More updates laters!

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