Friday, August 15, 2014

Updates, I know It's Been Awhile, But....

Things have been pretty crazy, we had a few hits on our adoption profile, but the mom picked someone else so back to waiting.

I finally went down to one day a week at work which leaves me time to work on projects and get a few things done, not to mention tons of time with hubby!

We went to Britishfest which is ran by 2 friends of ours up to the north of us in another state, it was a ton of fun, went to a local gaming con, to be honest it sucked, we did meet some great new friends though!

We started playing D&D again, got some new games, getting ready for the fall, its been a mild summer which has been nice, we been playing a lot of Final Fantasy 14 together and with our good friend Mike its been wonderful fun!

Sad news hubbys step dad died, he was in another battle with cancer, we thought he was gonna make it but he coded and it went so fast :(

Back in May I started some anxiety meds which made me sleep A LOT, so ... yeah I started sleeping on my shoulder funny which caused it to hurt, I got my dose lowered, thought my shoulder would heal, ended up falling outta bed while sound asleep, hubby was laying there petting our kitty and seen me just WOOP and fall outta bed, he didn't know I was still asleep til i got up with a OW .... my shoulder been acting up even more, docs say its inflamed nothing been helping til now, with new meds, Xrays and EKG been done too, Blood work, to see whats going on.... just waiting on results.

In other news hubby & I been doing awesome in between all the crazy busy times and sad times, but we been doing pretty well, we are thxful and blessed for a lot! We got our 10 year coming up, looking forward to having a 10 year party and inviting all our close family and friends.  Prolly next summer since our anniversary is on V-day.

So well thats about it really, getting ready for the new doctor who next weekend !

Well I better get going I leave you with some of my art I been working on, enjoy!

its still a work in progress! Ill have it up on my devientart page once its done :)