Monday, June 26, 2006

REST IN PEACE JR BUDDY! 1986 to 2006....

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Well today is Monday, We had to take our oldest Cat JR into the vets this morning and put him down for a long kitty nap. He was such a wonderful kitty, he lived to be almost 21 years old. After we watched him pass on at the vets we then brought him home, I put his blue starred scarf in the box with him and watched my hubby and mother in law dig his grave as I held him in his box. I been crying so much today ;_; I miss him so much, The vets said that for us to be happy that we brought him in when we did cause his heart probably wouldn't of lasted much longer, and if we waited he would of probably suffered from a heart attack and he would of been in alot of pain and that JR is probably thanking us for helping him along. Its so sad though, I have only known JR for almost 2 years and my husband and his family like 20 or so and it seems like loosing one of your children. I know it was for the best but it hurts so much, it feels as if someone ripped my heart in half and stomped on it. I know JR doesnt' want us to be sad, I know he doesn't. My huaband got me flowers today and I took one and placed it on his grave. May you rest in peace JR and we will see you again one day but until then u play with your friends and family we will never forget you and will always continue to love you and think of you everyday... We Love You Very Much JR!!!

( I could post more but im starting to cry again, maybe another day or later on)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Comments by patients during Colonoscopies

Comments by patients during Colonoscopies are no joke, but these comments during the exam were quite humorous..... A physician claimed that the following are actual comments made by his patients (predominately male) while he was performing their colonoscopies:

1. "Take it easy, Doc. You're boldly going where no man has gone before!

2. "Find Amelia Earhart yet?"

3. "Can you hear me NOW?"

4. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

5. "You know, in Arkansas, we're now legally married."

6. "Any sign of the trapped miners, Chief?"

7. "You put your left hand in, you take your left hand out..."

8. "Hey! Now I know how a Muppet feels!"

9. "If your hand doesn't fit, you must quit

10. "Hey Doc, let me know if you find my dignity."

11. "You used to be an executive at Enron, didn't you?"

12. "God, now I know why I am not gay."

And the best one of all...

13. "Could you write a note for my wife saying that my head is not up there?"

Saturday, June 17, 2006

On This Day In My Religion .......

June 21 -- Summer Solstice -- Litha
Also known as: Alban Heruin (Druidic)

Although the name Litha is not well attested, it may come from Saxon tradition -- the opposite of Yule. On this longest day of the year, light and life are abundant. At mid-summer, the Sun God has reached the moment of his greatest strength. Seated on his greenwood throne, he is also lord of the forests, and his face is seen in church architecture peering from countless foliate masks.

The Christian religion converted this day of Jack-in-the-Green to the Feast of St. John the Baptist, often portraying him in rustic attire, sometimes with horns and cloven feet (like the Greek Demi-God Pan)

Midsummer Night's Eve is also special for adherents of the Faerie faith. The alternative fixed calendar date of June 25 (Old Litha) is sometimes employed by Covens. The name Beltane is sometimes incorrectly assigned to this holiday by some modern traditions of Wicca, even though Beltane is the Gaelic word for May.

Traditional Foods:
Garden fresh fruits and vegetables are made into a variety of dishes and eaten by Pagan's who choose to celebrate this day.

Herbs and Flowers:
Mugwort, Vervain, Chamomile, Rose, Honeysuckle, Lily, Oak, Lavender, Ivy, Yarrow, Fern, Elder, Wild Thyme, Daisy, Carnation.

Lemon, Myrrh, Pine, Rose, Wisteria.

Woods Burned:

Sacred Gemstone:

Special Activities:
An Ideal time to reaffirm your vows to the Lord and Lady or your dedication to following the old traditions.

( Warning: Do not attempt Ritual's and such unless you put your whole heart and soul into them, if performed incorrectly .... the results can be .... lets just say something you don't want... If you have heard the term, coming back 3 times fold, this term is true, ive seen it happen )

Litha Ritual
Summer Solstice, June 21st

In addition to your usual m'jyk-l tools, you will need:

A Golden Yellow Alter Cloth

Small Cloth Pouch of Summertime Herbs


1cup Fresh Spring Water

Red Sun God Candle

Green Earth Goddess Candle

Summer Blend Incense (Jasmine, Rose, Lotus, Wysteria, or combination).

Sweep area moving in deosil manor. Set up Quarter Candles and any accessories symbolizing the Elements of the Quarters. Decorate the alter with seasonal flowers, especially Sunflowers. Prepare your Pouch of Summertime Herbs, and as you make it, pour your troubles, pains, sorrows, illness, and regrets into it. Place the Cauldron in the center of your alter, the Red Sun candle to the right of it , the Green Goddess Candle to the left of it. Place the cup of Fresh Spring Water in front of the Goddess Candle. Take a shower or bath for purification. Sit quietly and meditate for a while, then ground and center. When ready, play some peaceful music for the ritual.

Cast the circle.......Pick up your Wand, and with arms upraised, face South and say:

"I celebrate the Mid-of-Summer, held in honor of the Blazing Sun God. All of Nature vibrates with the fertileness of the Goddess and of the God.

The Earth basks in the light and life of the Sun.
The ever turning Wheel of the Year has made the light ever stronger And the light has kept growing longer, until today...

The middle of the time of light, Litha, MidSummer's Day, Summer Solstice.

From here, the light begins to fade, again, until once more the Wheel turns to the time of darkness, Yule, Winter Solstice.

Yet, for today, the Sun is high, the light is bright, the Earth is warm. As the Sun God blazes above, may the fires of my rite flame below."

Face the alter, put down your wand, and light the Green Goddess Candle to the left of your cauldron, saying:

"Oh, Mother of Nature, She that brings the meadow to bloom, Green Forest Mother, from lakes and streams your children spring forth.

Blessed Lady of the stars and the Moon, Fruitful Womb of which I honor, and ask of Thee, Thy Blessings."

Light the Red Sun God Candle to the right of your cauldron, saying:

"Oh, Father of all things, He that plants the seed and nurtures Life.

God of Fertility and Fruitfulness, from hill and forest your children emerge.

Blessed Lord of the blazing Sun, potent Consort of which I honor, and of Thee, Thy Blessings."

Take the Herb Pouch and hold above your head, saying:

"By thy power, oh sacred herbs, may the Lord of the Sun Burn away the hurtful, the troublesome, and the painful, Leaving me purified through His warmth and Light."

Hold the pouch over your main Alter Candle to take flame. While it is burning, drop it in the cauldron, saying:

"Great Goddess and Great God, from Thee all powers flow forth.

The Two that are One, Great Spirit of All-That-Is,
By Thy powers, and the powers of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth,
By Thy powers, and the powers of the Sun, Moon, and Stars,
I banish these negatives from my life."

Visualize the negatives burning away to nothingness. When all that is left is ashes, douse the ashes with the cup of Fresh Spring Water, feel as if the water were being poured over you and your negatives washed away. Air dry by dancing and running your hands up and down your arms, body, and legs. Don't forget your head... lay it back and shake running your fingers through your hair. When done, face alter, wave hand over the cauldron and say:

"As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so let this water be pure and new.
Mother Goddess, bless this water so that it may bless and renew me.
Father God, may your rays of the MidSummer Sun bless and nourish me.
Two that are One, may your blessings sustain me as I journey, anew."

Pass your cupped hands over the cauldron, pausing briefly each time to ' pour ' in wishes for health, prosperity, and good fortune to be part of your life. Dip the forefinger of your right hand into the cauldron water, and trace a pentagram on your forehead, saying:

Let my mind be open to the truth."

Anoint your lips saying:

"Let my lips always speak the truth."

Anoint your heart area, saying:

Let my heart seek the ways of the Goddess, now and always."

Anoint the centers of your palms, saying:

"Let my hands be gifted to work in m'jyk-l ways."

Anoint the soles of your feet, saying:

"Let my feet ever walk upon the sacred paths!"

Now is the time for meditation and any spellworkings. MidSummer spellworkings include: prosperity, fertility, and plentiful harvests. Finish by having the Cakes and Ale Ceremony and releasing the circle. Clean up. The Ritual is done.

MidSummer Cookies

3/4c softened butter, 2c brown sugar, 2 eggs, 1T lemon juice, 2T grated lemon rind, 2c sifted flour, 1c finely chopped pecans.

Cream butter in a large non-metallic mixing bowl. Gradually add the brown sugar, mixing well.

Add eggs, lemon juice, and rind, then mix well until mixture is well blended.

Cover the bowl with a white or yellow towel or cloth napkin, and refrigerate overnight. The next day, shape dough into 1" balls and place approx 3" apart on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for abut 20 minutes. Cool on racks. Yields 36ct.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mistress Noire

Well I started Playing City of Heroes again... and City of Villians.. which i bought just yesterday..... Turns out i have over 15 free costume changes and well I thought I get Mistress Noire my Hero in there and test a few things out... I roleplay her on Myspace as a half demon and half vampire so i though I get her costumes made for such a occasion! CHECK EM OUT!

Noire In Her Vampire Form!

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Noire In Her Demon Form!

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Also here is her bio on myspace!

Name ~ Noire a.k.a Mistress Noire

Gender ~ Female

Age ~ 24

Siblings ~ Unknown @ This Time

Hair ~ Red

Eyes ~ When Noire is feeling normal her eyes are a dark Blue they change various shades of red and other colors when her mood changes!


Born and raised in Japan over the ages, I grew to know what life was really like. I had my mother, my father, my Guardian Kuja, and my people. I was known as the Princess and soon to be queen, and as I grew up, my father and mother decided to introduce me to a friend of theirs and his daughter. My eyes lit up when I saw her, her eyes, hair, and smile... she was so beautiful.. her name was Shizu.... we starting playing together everyday, we would go to the park, sit in our backyard and have tea parties and picnic's, dress up, take baths and showers together... we did everything together. One night under the stars we made a promise to one another that we would always be together no matter what, and her father overheard us and told my parents. They then put a piece of paper in their safe for Shizu, and I when we got old enough, they planned the wedding and estates and everything, i didn't know of this until later on, but anyways... One day my Guardian, Kuja, (the man that watched over Shizu and I), told my parents he needed to leave for a short vacation; that his family needed him back home. They told him it was fine, that he was welcome to go spend time with his family, and thus, he left. About a couple weeks later, I woke up in the middle of the night to the screaming of my mother, (I was only 9 or 10 years old at this time). I then ran down the hallway of my parent’s castle to their bedroom. I tossed the door open and saw a tall man, who looked like a giant to me. He wore a pair of tight, leather pants and a black tanktop with greasy, jet black hair. I then saw the lady with deep, red hair that looked like dry blood, and her eyes were black as the night sky. She was standing over my parent’s bed; my father lay dead on his pillow with 2 bite marks on his neck.. I screamed at the man:

" What did you do to my daddy!! "

The man and woman turned towards me and lunged. My mother screamed to them to leave me ALONE! The woman turned around and jumped over onto my mommy and stabbed her with her jagged dagger. I cried out for my parents and jumped on the tall man that stood before me. I started to bite him on the arm, and began to tear into him as if she were a stray dog. His blood filled my mouth, it tasted sweet... it had a horrible after taste though. I then continued to tear into him. I then screamed into his face, drinking some of his blood as I started to chew; it felt great, I felt more powerful, More energized... More.... like hell has taken over my body. I turned and then jumped on the woman and stabbed her with the letter opener on my mother’s nightstand, over and over and over again. I was too late though, my parents ... were now DEAD! The woman, DEAD... the tall man.. ALIVE... I tied him up to my parent’s bed and made him watch and look to see around him what he had done... I ran off to Shizu's house, I knocked on her window... I was covered in blood... as tears ran down my face.. I didn't want to do this, but I had no choice... I didn't want to harm her or for her to see what I have now become... I was afraid she wouldn't love me anymore... I seen her shadow coming to the window, I got scared and worried. I ran up to her and put my finger over her lips silencing her, I leaned in close and kissed her deeply with passion. I loved her so much.... I didn't know what else to do, what to say. I was lost and confused.... I then ran off into the moonlight as I kept thinking to myself, “I’m so sorry, Shizu, I’m so sorry. I didn't want it to be like this, I didn't want to hurt you this way... I kept running and crying all the way home.
I then went back to my castle and grabbed the man, and for only being about 9 or 10 at this time, my strength was unbelievable. I tossed him into our dungeon. He was bleeding to death and, he pleaded for me to get him his doctor; that he wanted to service me for killing my parents that he was sorry. I didn't believe him though, but I found his doctor anyways.... while his doctor tended his wounds, I went and buried my parents. The doctor’s care for him kept him alive for the next few years. I kept the vampire trapped in a cell for years and years to come, but I hid in my castle for 10 years after my parents died, and didn't bother to tell the people what happened. I let the doctor stay in the guest’s room; it was right next to my room, but the vampire remained in my dungeon. I watched out my window, looking at Shizu's house; it was torture. I wanted to grab her, to hug her, to kiss her, and tell her how much I loved her and how sorry I was, but I couldn't. She wouldn't except me, at least that’s what I thought. Finally, one day, I woke up and went down to feed on the vampire that killed my parents, but, he was DEAD! Turns out the doctor said he had internal bleeding that couldn't be stopped. I shrugged, Serves him right! He killed my parents... I guess the doctor didn't like that remark, but I told him that he could stay with me until his dying day and this man had to be over 100 years old by now. The doctor was happy with the idea, but he died about a month later.
I then started to read though the doctor’s paperwork and files that were left behind, and it turns out that he had knocked me up one night and stole and stored my eggs in a fertility clinic, making a child or 2 or more, but I was uncertain how many this mad man had created. I was in shock, and to top it off, I was also half demon, half vampire; he had injected me with the blood of a immortal demon and vampire!!! I already had vampire blood in me, (I knew that from biting the mad man that killed my parents), but this is whom I am now. I will go to live on forever…I cannot die... I am now immortal. I was in shock. I then fell to the floor, cutting myself and trying every which way to kill myself. I felt as if I failed my parents. I then gasped as I watched the wounds heal. I also failed my Guardian, Kuja. One night, my parents then came to me as their spirits, and told me not to be afraid, and that it was alright, that they where not mad at me and they wanted me to find happiness...

I then left this part of Japan. My people saw me leave the castle. They all looked at me in shock. I tried to explain what had happened, but none of them believed me; they all threw sticks and stones at me and chased me out of town, but I tried to visit every so often to make sure my parent’s home was still intact. I then roamed around, trying to find a place to call home because I didn’t feel at home in my parent’s castle anymore; my people hated me, and blamed me for everything that happened. I finally came across a small town, and for some reason, it felt like home. I went to the local bar and had a few drinks. I then met a girl named Bianca, and she showed me what love was and what it is suppose to be like. She was my second love, and I could never forget the look on my Shizu's face when I showed up at her window that night. I wanted to find her again, but could she accept me for whom I was? I shook those feelings away, and concentrated on Bianca only, and one day, as I was sitting at Bianca's house waiting for her to get back from work, I received a letter, asking me to come back home and take my place as queen. I didn't want to do this because I wanted to be with Bianca... but when Bianca didn't return for a week I got worried. I tried calling her.. no answer. I left messages, and I got no call back. I then thought to myself that she didn’t want to be with me anymore. Things changed, and this gave me the courage to go home and take my place as queen. I was so sad though; I loved Bianca with all my heart. I was ready to give up on love and on life and just going to be a miserable queen, in my home city, where I belonged, or, so I thought anyways.....

I entered my city and my people showered me with gifts and clothes and everything I could imagine. They told me how sorry they were, and one lady and her husband showed me the proof that was found in the castle. It turns out that they went to investigate because they had believed that I was innocent. I then went to the local tavern and sat down and had a couple drinks. A lady with bluish hair with purple highlights caught my eye. She was a lovely lady. I went over and smiled and bought her a drink, and we started to smile, laugh and had a wonderful time. She asked me my name, and I told her.... Noire.... Her eyes then filled with tears, and as I watched them roll down her cheeks, she then told me who she was, and it was SHIZU! MY LONG LOST LOVE, MY BEST FRIEND, MY EVERYTHING!!!! We kissed and felt the sparks fly just like old times as tears ran down my cheeks. She then invited me back to her place to continue to have drinks and talk and catch up. Of course I agreed!!! It was like old times again, it felt like nothing had changed!! That we hadn't been apart for as long as we had been! I missed her so much! After having a few more drinks, she fell asleep. I then promised to protect her and watch over her no matter what. I hadn't told her yet about my part demon part vampire, and I hadn't told her about me being immortal, but I wondered if she would/could accept me for who I now became. I then fell asleep in the chair next to her bed.

I woke up the next morning and made breakfast. I made a picnic basket full of goodies for us to go on a picnic like old times. I watched her come downstairs and I also watched her eat. I smiled and gave her all her favorite foods like old times, crapes with strawberries, chocolate chip pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs, maple smoked sausage, bacon, Orange Juice, and so much more. She ate all of it, but that was just the beginning of our day. As I watched her eat, it reminded me of old times, when my mother used to make us breakfast. I then told her about the picnic I had planned and she was excited!
We then left to go on the picnic, and we got to our spot, the rose garden where we played growing up; We had our tea parties here. After getting things set up, we started to talk about old times, but just then, we heard a sound in the distance. I then reminded Shizu; I would always protect her no matter what. I then got up and moved her behind me, trying to protect her at all costs. Just then. I turned and she was gone. I panicked....I crawlled around looking for anything. I heard foot steps above, and I screamed out, " YOU LEAVE MY MISTRESS ALONE OR I WILL KILL YOU! " I then noticed a body that I believed to be Shizu's on the ground wrapped in chains. I saw a couple of men ahead. I panicked more. I then gently lifted up the body that I believed to be her, but suddenly, one of the men sets off a smoke bomb. A large black cloud of smoke surrounds me. I then started to hear growls and hissing coming from inside the smoke. I then tried to communicate to Shizu telepathically, but there was no luck in that. I still hadn't told her what had happened to me; how I am now immortal. I panicked; I had to find her. A man then appeared and was talking about making me his sex slave and make me forget Shizu, but I wasn't going to let this happen AGAIN! We were together now, like we were meant to be, and I wanted her back. I’d even kill to get her back! Just then, when the man went to stab me, Shizu showed up right in front and took the damage. Tears then filled my eyes; I wasn't going to loose her AGAIN! I turned into my demon form and flew back to my castle. There I started a blood transfusion... my blood into her body. I hoped she wouldn't be mad. When she came to, I explained everything. She wasn't happy at first, but she came to accept it. She was happy as was I. Now, we can be together forever like us and our parents wanted....