Thursday, November 05, 2015

Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #5....... NOW HERE!

Hey guys, G.W.A#5 is finally here.
Sorry for the delay, we had some technical issues.
PLUS I been fussing with getting the perfect cover all morning, lol.
(We went though about 8 diff ideas before we settled lol)
Charlie & I hope you enjoy it!

Find it here and please let know us what you think:












Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #5 is done, now what!?

Charlie and I aren't done with the GWA series by a long shot folks!
We have 5 issues done and another 7 planned/laid out, that's just for volume one!
Volume 2 has also been in the brain storm works for some time now!

I know your probably sitting there going, "holy crap really?" onion head 'shock'
Yes really!
We have so many ideas to keep us going for awhile!
So your in for quite a few years of GWA fun!

We couldn't of done it without our friend and editor James, hes awesome and been a super hero in helping us! I Love You Emote

Speaking of Superheroes!
I personally have a superhero series in the works also, with the help of Charlie & James also!
As Charlie said and I quote from his post for those of you who haven't seen it!

"In the meantime I will be going back and re-mastering the first four issues of GWA-Stars to get them printed as well. Don't worry, longtime fans! There won't be any new content the new re-mastered editions will be the same in pdf as the older ones. Maybe a few mistakes that I have noticed since publishing those issues will get corrected. But when that happens the new editions will be up on Drive-Thru Comics (our illustrious publisher) in the same place as the old ones were. So when that happens (and I'll let you all know by e-mail as well as here) you can go get the re-mastered editions free so long as you have purchased the original on your account. So what that means is you get an even better pdf copy for free! :happybounce: 

As far as our longtime fans getting a printed copy? That would make us very happy and we will work with the printer to try and get you all the best deal possible. No promises, this is just as new for me as it is for most of you (I imagine). I do pride myself on being an informed consumer so I will be keeping an eye out for any way I can make getting a printed copy to our pdf readers as economic as possible."

So know this, I did send off the files to the printer last night *Fingers crossed* the review of the files goes smooth and prints are able to be made!Pikachu shock

Now your also probably wondering what the Superhero comic is going to be about right?
Well Charlie and I have written short bio's of super hero characters over the years, powers, appearance etc
So we are bringing them to life so to speak !

Charlie and I are in the long hull of bringing awesome stuff for you guys both in Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars AND superheroes!
So stay tuned!

:batman: Woooosh   :hero: Hero Timez

We appreciate all of you for your love and support !

Pixel Rose Tina Noire  Pixel Rose

ps... As some of you might have noticed we also been banner planning the last day or so, reason if you don't know already, we are planning to make a appearance at a local convention next year, the plan is in the works and will let you know more once we know more!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Little Updates!

Hubby & I been super busy pasting Issue 5 of our comic together.
Also a local convention here is offering tables to local comic book artists.
So guess what~!?
Yep, we got ourselves a table, we been hard at work going back over issues 1 though 4 and re-rendering the images and putting the pages together as we work on finishing issue 5 also!
Cause we are going to be selling PRINTS also!
We have 2 comic stores interested in selling our comics on top of!

Life has been pretty awesome since the toxic people been out of our lives for the last almost 10 years too, we are loving every moment of it!
Funny thing is the  other day at work I Saw Sara and her daughter come in and I was waiting for her to come by my demo station........ I really wanted to punch her in the face to be honest.

So much trouble she caused hubby and I back in the day but hey you know what that was over 8 years ago and we decided to never go back over that way.
Even with Rob out of the picture life has been great with both those scums gone.
We haven't been fighting or arguing we just been having fun!
Plus if we do fight/ague its over little dumb shit like leaving the toilet seat up =p

So those are the little updates going on, nothing big/huge going on "yet"
We just been keeping busy between house projects and the comic books and art

Speaking of projects we got the side of the garage painted yesterday
Watched a buncha our shows (Arrow, Flash etc)
Then our fridge died which we got a replacement (thankfully warranty)
Also have reimbursement for all the food we lost
So things are pretty good ^_^
It was stressful but we got though it!
Oh and I also been working out again and losing weight
Down 20+ inches in my waist and over 40lbs since May
Im doing it for good this time!
Anyway, hubbys almost done with another page of renders
Back to work for me =D
Here is a pic a friend of mine sent to me which is super true!
Reason im glad we got rid of people like Sara and Rob in our lives

We have awesome people in our lives now like Abby, Eddie, Rosie, Kelly, Kristen and many others that are wonderful people, not to mention the big guy and his son upstairs they are watching over us, we love all of them too!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finally Over & Done!! YAY!!!

Some of you readers "may" know and some of you "may not" know but..... reason I haven't updated in awhile is because I was studying!! I was studying to become a US Citizen and now its DONE! Yay!!! 

Some of you new readers and some of you readers that been watching since 2004ish when I started this blog... anyway back in 2004 is when I met my hubby online though a mutual friend we both knew playing City of Heroes.  I lived in Canada at the time and her and my soon to be hubby both lived in the US. She lived in Michigan and he lived in the Mid-west! 

Well we got married about 8 months after we talked online/phone and 2 days after we met first time face to face we got married, he drove 14hrs to where I was and purposed. It was Valentines day and we talked about it many times so we ran off and did it lol.

Well my green card visa didn't expire for a few more years but I really have always loved it here in the US and have always wanted to become a citizen. It's just in the beginning after finalizing my green card, we where pretty broke lol. It's not cheap! So we decided to wait, we had 12+ years til my card expired so, we waited. This year we decided, lets get it done!

So we did! I had to study 100 civics, history and geography questions. They where only gonna ask 10 but I didn't know what 10 AND I had to at least get 6 right. Plus reading and writing English in a sentence of their choosing. It was pretty easy I got 100% I was freaking out the whole time studying and waiting for the test. Reason I took time off work (even tho i only work one day a week) I didn't wanna fail cause this is more $$$ I am paying to get this. But now it's done!

I am now a proud American! 
My home sweet home!

It always felt like home but honestly more so now that everythings been finalized. 

I promise to update more often now that the stress window has passed!
Above is the cake I made for my potluck BBQ!

I had a ton of family and friends come, it was potluck so everyone brought food and stuff, it was a lot of fun! Even one friend from work that came sang "God Bless America" for me, such a wonderful singer !! Anyway gotta get going its getting late and I need to finish up a few things before bed. 


Friday, July 31, 2015

My Husband & I's Comic Book!

We are now finished with Issue #4, Issues 1 to 3 are out also, if you wish to buy a issue or all 4 issues you can find our stuff HERE!

They are all in PDF format for $2.99 each, we hope to have our next issue done by sometime in October =)

If you do grab some of our comics please let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Updates & My View On Being An Artist !

I haven't posted in awhile I know but we have been pretty busy!
We started a comic book hubby & I, it's called "Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars"
You can find the blog on it Here!
It also has links where to find and buy :)
It is a PDF file of the comic not a physical copy.
But we are now working on issue 4, it's been selling pretty well and people seem to enjoy it really well so that is always a plus.
We also been doing art on the side, in between our jobs of course.
Hubby is now working 2 jobs, one is only 1-2 days a month and the other is his full time job. Mine is one day a week but I took some time away from that right now cause I have a test to study for plus house projects I need to take care of, and back to losing weight!
My work is pretty easy since I am part time I can make my own schedule, reason I love this company I work for, being able to do my own thing like this, today marks 2 years since I started working there, so it isn't that bad and time just flew by!
One thing I do hate about being a artist and I know hubby hates it too, is when people ask for FREE work done. Giving ideas on what you wanna see is all fine and whatever, but when you ask someone for a picture and want it done and not offer the artist any kinda funds for doing the picture is a bit annoying. I could see if they are a really good friend like friends of ours that have done stuff for us or write books or comics we buy/read and whatever. Fan art is another thing.
But when someone comes and says, " I want you to make me a picture, or Can you make me a picture" and wont stop bugging you about it. Gets annoying as hell.
People need to realize not all artists are going to do stuff for you and when they don't answer you and avoid the question they are trying to be polite without telling you NO
Also if your gonna do fan art from a artist you NEED to make sure you get the stories of the characters right, you can't just go off and write your own thing about it without there permission, and if its totally against how they have the character don't be surprised if they don't enjoy it. Plus another thing that annoys me is when people ask you to do pictures and they will write a story, its okay when its a hubby & wife team doing it (like me and mine) or bf/gf or friends etc, but when complete strangers ask, its where I personally draw the line. Cause honestly I don't trust people I don't know in that kinda way exp if I am going to do the art etc. I don't feel comfortable with it. Exp exp exp if they wanna do something erotic, I dont' feel comfortable for myself, my hubby or my friends to do something like that. So in all seriousness, its just my POV. 

That's just my two cents on the soap box =p

Artists don't like to sell them selves short when they are worth so much potential =)

So please respect us as artists, thats for any of them out there! 

In other news the FF expan came out, really excited :)
My black mage is now lvl 55, 5 more levels to go til 60
Other then that not much else going on, hubby & I just enjoying one anothers company, spending time with family a lot as of late, friends on and off.
We just been really busy with comic book stuff and what not.
But anyway, enough on this blog post and back to playing Final Fantasy 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In Progress!

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Took my last one today! Since we haven't had certain people around in our lives anymore that caused stress, stress has quieted down, and things been more calm. I spoke to my doc about going off them. I feel GREAT !! I am calm/mellow and can actually sit and enjoy a movie/video game without worry on the 1000s of things I wanna get done.

If you would of talked about that with me a year ago and i wasn't on the meds, I would of been in a panic, had panic attacks and so much more. So happy that I was able to get help though that time of things. But now im so happeh!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Wow it's been ages since Ive updated bad blogger bad

I know

Anyway its been awhile, hubby & I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary !
We went to check out this sushi/steakhouse place
It was super yummy, not somewhere we can go everyday tho it's $$$$
But super good!

We been working on house projects
Art work
Hubby & I started doing some digital 3d art and working on a comic book
He also got a commission doing art for this one guy
It was a pretty awesome piece til the guy wanted him to mess it up with bruises & stuff >_<

Cause it was a boxing photo....
The guy asked him about doing another but we are kinda on the fence with it
Cause it held back our comic, we wanted to have it out last month but cause of this commission and how many changes the guy wanted over and over and over and over again did I mention over again? It held back our comic and now we are finally at the half way mark!

We just had comicon this past weekend, other then that not much else going on
Still waiting on the adoption stuff
My shoulder is still all jacked up with the tendonitis and partial tear, which the tendonitis seems its now making its way to my elbow, not fun at all!
I still work one day a week demoing food and booze
Hubby got 2 jobs now, doing the same thing hes been doing, but the one job is only 2-3 days a month which isn't bad, 30 more years then retirement give or take anyway lol
Still working on losing weight on my side of things, kinda hard when you can't jump around and do cardio like I used too, cause of my shoulder, plus being on inflammatory meds and pain meds for my shoulder really sucks! But I can tell my weight been going up, i been eating okay tho, i need to do better, thats fer sure!

Buttttttt anyway, I leave you with comicon photos below and hopes I will update more often, maybe my next post ill tell you about the fun at comicon =p

Comicon 2015