Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Little Updates!

Hubby & I been super busy pasting Issue 5 of our comic together.
Also a local convention here is offering tables to local comic book artists.
So guess what~!?
Yep, we got ourselves a table, we been hard at work going back over issues 1 though 4 and re-rendering the images and putting the pages together as we work on finishing issue 5 also!
Cause we are going to be selling PRINTS also!
We have 2 comic stores interested in selling our comics on top of!

Life has been pretty awesome since the toxic people been out of our lives for the last almost 10 years too, we are loving every moment of it!
Funny thing is the  other day at work I Saw Sara and her daughter come in and I was waiting for her to come by my demo station........ I really wanted to punch her in the face to be honest.

So much trouble she caused hubby and I back in the day but hey you know what that was over 8 years ago and we decided to never go back over that way.
Even with Rob out of the picture life has been great with both those scums gone.
We haven't been fighting or arguing we just been having fun!
Plus if we do fight/ague its over little dumb shit like leaving the toilet seat up =p

So those are the little updates going on, nothing big/huge going on "yet"
We just been keeping busy between house projects and the comic books and art

Speaking of projects we got the side of the garage painted yesterday
Watched a buncha our shows (Arrow, Flash etc)
Then our fridge died which we got a replacement (thankfully warranty)
Also have reimbursement for all the food we lost
So things are pretty good ^_^
It was stressful but we got though it!
Oh and I also been working out again and losing weight
Down 20+ inches in my waist and over 40lbs since May
Im doing it for good this time!
Anyway, hubbys almost done with another page of renders
Back to work for me =D
Here is a pic a friend of mine sent to me which is super true!
Reason im glad we got rid of people like Sara and Rob in our lives

We have awesome people in our lives now like Abby, Eddie, Rosie, Kelly, Kristen and many others that are wonderful people, not to mention the big guy and his son upstairs they are watching over us, we love all of them too!

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