Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

MMO's I Have Played Since 1998

Started back in 1998/99 with Diablo and Diablo II - year or so
CoH/V - my last MMO - Beta til Now
Champions Online
Dungeons & Dragons Online - played the trial honestly love rolling dice better!!
Dungeon Runners - few days
Everquest II - 6-8 months
Guild Wars - 6 months
Neverwinter Nights - not very long
Perfect World games (played all 3) - every now and again
StarWars Galaxy's - few months
Second life.... yeah
World of Warcraft - couldn't stand it wasn't on it long

Now ---- AION!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


According to my doctors scale and such I have lost 11.5 inches total in my waist, 31lbs gone in 16.5 weeks, fat is down another 3.3 points in 2 months, muscle is up 1.6 in 2 months, BMI was in the 40s 4 months ago now its down to a 36.5, PROGRESS! More to come soon!

I hate how I let myself go the last 9 years after I quit smoking by using junk food to control cravings and got lazy to top things off, plus being with a ex boyfriend for almost 5 of those years the lazy SOB. Ah well I have what I want in life and as soon as I get more weight off it will be baby time!! Hubby & I can't wait!! ^_^

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Little Something I Wrote....

Thursday I just couldn't sleep and I wrote this for hubby <3

It's now after 11pm, Thursday I think it's the 17Th of July (2009)

I just can't sleep toninght or spell for that fact & fuck it I am not going to scribble it out and fix it either. (typing just the way I wrote it lol)

I just have alot on my mind 90% of it has to do with my insulin and weight loss. I am hoping things are getting on track to be normal again

- My insulin levels
- My weight

All I really really want this year for my birthday and Christmas is those things and to have a baby with hubby, I understand we can always adopt but I want that glow and feeling of a life (or 2 or more) growing inside me, knowing we created someone, someone special, someone that is part of each of us someone that will be loved by both of us and our families.

But I seriously........

Well its the only 3 things I want this year for Christmas/Birthday

I am pushing hard to get to my goal some days its frustrating but I know I will get there.

I sit and listen now to the quiet

- The light snores of hubby
- the fans
- the cats walking along the floor

So peaceful & quiet

I know it will change when I get pregnant :P and when the kids will be born. But I will enjoy it now before that happens.

I know I need to sleep.
I need to get up in the morning and make my honey breakfast which I will.
His lunch is made and the coffee maker is set so that's a plus
I wonder if he will read this
His thoughts on it If he will say anything or maybe write something?
I dunno

I can tell my handwriting has got worse over the years because I am used to typing. Ah well :P

I just wanna give hubby the family hes been dreaming about and wanting I have those same dreams and wants too. It's just you know as a women wanting to make my man happy anyway possible.

Having healthy babies
Having a healthy family
Keeping him & I healthy to live a long life together til we grow old as ancient trees and forget how we met. (He wrote that to me in a old letter from when we first got married lol)

It's all we both want
I know that
Knew that when we talked online

Reasons of a few why I fell in love with him and he fell in love with me

He is my soul mate
my best friend
my lover
my husband
and so much more

(same with him but I am a wife lol)

I love him so much and always will

I think my guilt has finally gone away from a couple years ago when we where having some problems.

I was stupid back then
Very stupid

Hubby is snoring up a storm tonight Slayer came to sit with me lol

He is glaring off into the bedroom @ hubby.

Guess the snoring bugged him.

Maybe I should try and sleep now. I just felt like writing something tonight.

Hmm... think Ill type is tomorrow then some and now a drink of water then try and sleep...

33lbs down
67 to my goal

I love you JoelB

Your wife always

God's & Goddess' & Karma

One must think before they act, Karma can be a good or bad thing depending how you look at it.

The Gods and Goddess' keep a eye on such things.

If someone talks bad about someone & something & the gods & goddess don't agree, does something to hurt another person & the gods & goddess don't agree, if you do something wrong & the gods & goddess don't agree, the list goes on....

If they don't agree with your actions it will come back at you 3 times fold, Ive been here and done this many times to count, all you can do is learn from your actions and apologize and not do it again. If you continue to do bad bad things happen if you change and do good good things happen, it's the circle of life and Karma.

One also must make up for past mistakes by doing good, changing there ways.

Speaking of changing, I know I am not perfect, no one is and if everyone was perfect this would be a really boring world and life. (Yes posted part of this convo before but doing it again)

Hubby and I got into a conversation about a change recently:

Me: Hey babe, do you think I am trying to change you?

Him: Have you been taking those stupid online quizzes again?

Me: no no, seriously I read a comment on a blog that I am trying to change you and your letting me do it...

Him: Ya so if I didn't want to change I wouldn't of married you, I gotta change my ways of being single and I am going to change cause I want to and it is for the best, for us and our kids.

Me: Ya I know I just was really upset about it

Him: Don't be who cares? who gives a shit! Seriously!

Me: Okay

Him: I love you and nothing will change that even when we are old and grey

Me: I love you too and ya when we are teaching the grandkids how to play D&D right?

Him: Of course!

Me: *giggle* Dork :P

Him: Mrs Dork, you married me!

Me: I did and what are you gonna do about it

Him: nothing but maybe.... *tickle fight*

Me/Him: *repeated laughing & screaming*

......... So yeah change is always good :)

So if one is rude mean and ignorant and the list goes on....... things are bad...... CHANGE!

So if one is nice kind honest and the list goes on..... don't change!

If your a mix of both life will have its ups and downs and make life interesting

I know I am both as is hubby :)

The Gods and Goddess' are watching you and watching out for others expecally those you want to or try and hurt !

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Well time for a update or 2 or 3 !
Maybe more!

Well as most know life has turned around here, things are working out great, we are getting the house ready to be sold by the new year, I hope it goes quick because we want to get our new bigger house.

Weight loss: Going awesome! 31 lbs lost now and 12 inches on my waist, hopefully by the time we get into our new house things will be on track and in order and we can start our family!

Hubby's days off if we are not working on house reno stuff we are gaming with our awesome friends or just hanging out just the 2 of us and relaxing over movies or whatever.

We are happy with the way things are, well I could use the more weight loss and insulin down but that is coming along I am sure.

Well I am gonna go back to cleaning up and watching my soaps.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

~ RIP King of Pop ~

You will be missed, I grew up listening to Micheal Jackson and really liked alot of his music, still do, even though sometimes I'd say he drove me crazy or wth was going on now, I truly thought and still think he is a amazing person for everything he has been though.
May you rest in peace Micheal Jackson
1958 - 2009

Monday, July 06, 2009

Aion Beta Test 3 ... done!


I really enjoyed it, I hope hubby decides to play.

My bro in law and I where running around playing, can't wait til his wife is able to join us, there is still 3 more beta's before the week head start for us pre-order people, I just had a freaken blast! Good news also some City of Heroes folks are headed to Aion too :)


Weight is down to 219 now, FINALLY! YAY! that means 69lbs to go!


Hubby also started his 10hr days today which is awesome <3

Time to finish moving stuff into the spare room

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Guardian Will Always Be Home

Looks like I still have access to the City of Heroes boards til next month (and the game but I had no room on my HD), which is good minus the HD thing lol. Guardian will always be home. Know I have not hung up my cape for good I will probably be back on free weekends or when I get my new hard drive have both games running, who knows! I wont be playing Aion ALOT til most of the reno stuff is done, which still got quite a bit to do. Which is fine cause it's still in beta! lol.

I am going to miss alot of folks from CoH that I don't have contact with outside of game, maybe they will get facebook or find my email and poke me there. I hope so cause I love all of em they been great friends over the last 5.5 years. I'll be in touch with a few via facebook and email, some over the telephone.

3rd round of Aion beta starts tonight til Monday, hubby got a OT shift tomorrow night so looks like Aion beta time for me! Ill miss hubby lots and I thank him for letting me get the game Early!! He is the best hubby ever not just for that but for everything who he is and just hes amazing! I love him very much, I know we will be playing games even when we are 90 and playing them with grand kids lol.

Still sticking to my workout/diet! Don't worry! Can't have grand kids without kids! eh? heheh... Seriously I am not stopping I love having this energy :)

Well the week from hell will be here any day now so I know im gonna have some lazy days... Better do some housework/workout now before I go any further in this day without it. :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

End of One Game, Start of Another....

Yup you heard me right, I quit City of Heroes today.
I know!

Aion has been temping me more and more