Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Well time for a update or 2 or 3 !
Maybe more!

Well as most know life has turned around here, things are working out great, we are getting the house ready to be sold by the new year, I hope it goes quick because we want to get our new bigger house.

Weight loss: Going awesome! 31 lbs lost now and 12 inches on my waist, hopefully by the time we get into our new house things will be on track and in order and we can start our family!

Hubby's days off if we are not working on house reno stuff we are gaming with our awesome friends or just hanging out just the 2 of us and relaxing over movies or whatever.

We are happy with the way things are, well I could use the more weight loss and insulin down but that is coming along I am sure.

Well I am gonna go back to cleaning up and watching my soaps.

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