Sunday, July 19, 2009

God's & Goddess' & Karma

One must think before they act, Karma can be a good or bad thing depending how you look at it.

The Gods and Goddess' keep a eye on such things.

If someone talks bad about someone & something & the gods & goddess don't agree, does something to hurt another person & the gods & goddess don't agree, if you do something wrong & the gods & goddess don't agree, the list goes on....

If they don't agree with your actions it will come back at you 3 times fold, Ive been here and done this many times to count, all you can do is learn from your actions and apologize and not do it again. If you continue to do bad bad things happen if you change and do good good things happen, it's the circle of life and Karma.

One also must make up for past mistakes by doing good, changing there ways.

Speaking of changing, I know I am not perfect, no one is and if everyone was perfect this would be a really boring world and life. (Yes posted part of this convo before but doing it again)

Hubby and I got into a conversation about a change recently:

Me: Hey babe, do you think I am trying to change you?

Him: Have you been taking those stupid online quizzes again?

Me: no no, seriously I read a comment on a blog that I am trying to change you and your letting me do it...

Him: Ya so if I didn't want to change I wouldn't of married you, I gotta change my ways of being single and I am going to change cause I want to and it is for the best, for us and our kids.

Me: Ya I know I just was really upset about it

Him: Don't be who cares? who gives a shit! Seriously!

Me: Okay

Him: I love you and nothing will change that even when we are old and grey

Me: I love you too and ya when we are teaching the grandkids how to play D&D right?

Him: Of course!

Me: *giggle* Dork :P

Him: Mrs Dork, you married me!

Me: I did and what are you gonna do about it

Him: nothing but maybe.... *tickle fight*

Me/Him: *repeated laughing & screaming*

......... So yeah change is always good :)

So if one is rude mean and ignorant and the list goes on....... things are bad...... CHANGE!

So if one is nice kind honest and the list goes on..... don't change!

If your a mix of both life will have its ups and downs and make life interesting

I know I am both as is hubby :)

The Gods and Goddess' are watching you and watching out for others expecally those you want to or try and hurt !

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