Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Little Something I Wrote....

Thursday I just couldn't sleep and I wrote this for hubby <3

It's now after 11pm, Thursday I think it's the 17Th of July (2009)

I just can't sleep toninght or spell for that fact & fuck it I am not going to scribble it out and fix it either. (typing just the way I wrote it lol)

I just have alot on my mind 90% of it has to do with my insulin and weight loss. I am hoping things are getting on track to be normal again

- My insulin levels
- My weight

All I really really want this year for my birthday and Christmas is those things and to have a baby with hubby, I understand we can always adopt but I want that glow and feeling of a life (or 2 or more) growing inside me, knowing we created someone, someone special, someone that is part of each of us someone that will be loved by both of us and our families.

But I seriously........

Well its the only 3 things I want this year for Christmas/Birthday

I am pushing hard to get to my goal some days its frustrating but I know I will get there.

I sit and listen now to the quiet

- The light snores of hubby
- the fans
- the cats walking along the floor

So peaceful & quiet

I know it will change when I get pregnant :P and when the kids will be born. But I will enjoy it now before that happens.

I know I need to sleep.
I need to get up in the morning and make my honey breakfast which I will.
His lunch is made and the coffee maker is set so that's a plus
I wonder if he will read this
His thoughts on it If he will say anything or maybe write something?
I dunno

I can tell my handwriting has got worse over the years because I am used to typing. Ah well :P

I just wanna give hubby the family hes been dreaming about and wanting I have those same dreams and wants too. It's just you know as a women wanting to make my man happy anyway possible.

Having healthy babies
Having a healthy family
Keeping him & I healthy to live a long life together til we grow old as ancient trees and forget how we met. (He wrote that to me in a old letter from when we first got married lol)

It's all we both want
I know that
Knew that when we talked online

Reasons of a few why I fell in love with him and he fell in love with me

He is my soul mate
my best friend
my lover
my husband
and so much more

(same with him but I am a wife lol)

I love him so much and always will

I think my guilt has finally gone away from a couple years ago when we where having some problems.

I was stupid back then
Very stupid

Hubby is snoring up a storm tonight Slayer came to sit with me lol

He is glaring off into the bedroom @ hubby.

Guess the snoring bugged him.

Maybe I should try and sleep now. I just felt like writing something tonight.

Hmm... think Ill type is tomorrow then some and now a drink of water then try and sleep...

33lbs down
67 to my goal

I love you JoelB

Your wife always

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