Thursday, July 02, 2009

Guardian Will Always Be Home

Looks like I still have access to the City of Heroes boards til next month (and the game but I had no room on my HD), which is good minus the HD thing lol. Guardian will always be home. Know I have not hung up my cape for good I will probably be back on free weekends or when I get my new hard drive have both games running, who knows! I wont be playing Aion ALOT til most of the reno stuff is done, which still got quite a bit to do. Which is fine cause it's still in beta! lol.

I am going to miss alot of folks from CoH that I don't have contact with outside of game, maybe they will get facebook or find my email and poke me there. I hope so cause I love all of em they been great friends over the last 5.5 years. I'll be in touch with a few via facebook and email, some over the telephone.

3rd round of Aion beta starts tonight til Monday, hubby got a OT shift tomorrow night so looks like Aion beta time for me! Ill miss hubby lots and I thank him for letting me get the game Early!! He is the best hubby ever not just for that but for everything who he is and just hes amazing! I love him very much, I know we will be playing games even when we are 90 and playing them with grand kids lol.

Still sticking to my workout/diet! Don't worry! Can't have grand kids without kids! eh? heheh... Seriously I am not stopping I love having this energy :)

Well the week from hell will be here any day now so I know im gonna have some lazy days... Better do some housework/workout now before I go any further in this day without it. :)


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