Sunday, July 26, 2009


According to my doctors scale and such I have lost 11.5 inches total in my waist, 31lbs gone in 16.5 weeks, fat is down another 3.3 points in 2 months, muscle is up 1.6 in 2 months, BMI was in the 40s 4 months ago now its down to a 36.5, PROGRESS! More to come soon!

I hate how I let myself go the last 9 years after I quit smoking by using junk food to control cravings and got lazy to top things off, plus being with a ex boyfriend for almost 5 of those years the lazy SOB. Ah well I have what I want in life and as soon as I get more weight off it will be baby time!! Hubby & I can't wait!! ^_^

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