Monday, March 17, 2014

Comicon & Updates!

This past weekend was comicon, we met so many wonderful actors and actress' as well as friends! ~ We had a BLAST! ~ Got to meet William Shatner, Eddie McClintock, Sylvester McCoy, David Yost, Jewel Staite, total awesomeness totally lost for words cause it was so epic!  

Mr McCoy when he was trying to wrap up my  4th doctor scarf around him too he said, "you made this didn't you" I said "yes" he said "you are very talented and its beautiful"  Hes such a sweetheart!

Eddie McClintock he was such a sweetie, he spent most of the day on the other side of his table standing and talking with fans, his list for prices was hugs $4000 then it was scratched out and said FREE then autographs where 30 and pics where 10 and advice was $14 and he has some other silly things listed, he took the time talking with fans for 10mins even! ~ I got in the line at the end of the day cause his line was SO BUSY all day, and I explained to him that I just spent my last $5 and came by to say hi and get a hug and shake his hand and that I was coming by most of the day to see him but he was really busy, and he told me he was happy that I came by to say hi, he hugged me 3 times, and I said I know you charge for photos with you but would you mind ? and he said not at all, so I grabbed hubby  to get in the photo with us & got a photo thanks to one of the volunteers taking the picture  =)

 Had a wonderful weekend overall, hubby & I had a blast and with life updates things been wonderful, truly blessed, God has been wonderful thats for sure! ~ We did have a hit on our adoption profile he mom was due in May with a little boy but she picked someone else, so in the meantime we been comiconing it, working on house projects, spending time with our fur babies, playing final fantasy 14 and just relaxing when we aren't working. Of course spending loads of time together and our friends we enjoy spending time with, you know the drama free ones that don't cause problems in our lives, the good ones =)

We been planning to hit up 2 more conventions this year too, I am going to continue working for a few more months, save up some funds now that my car is paid off (paid it off in dec, bought it in July) the once its all said and done come home and work on some more home projects for the adoption place and get full force into workout mode and plan our 10 year vow renewal for next year. Our friends next door there sister is coming from Cali shes a sweetie, she said she be happy to be my workout buddy, so this makes me very excited I can finally get my last 100 or so lbs off, exp now that Bruce been gone since June last year.

Health wise we just got our results back and our Cholesterol has gone down which is good, my BP is getting down which is good, helps when you don't have people who cause drama in your life around, I did have to start taking some anxiety meds just a temporary thing tho til im done working, my boss can be a douche, I req certain days off for a  reason for example this past weekend I req'd off cause of comicon, also req the monday off cause we had friends coming in from outta town, he schedules me monday (today) even tho I req'd it off and told him i was going to as of last year, the other donut person req'd it a month ago yet he schedules ME, so since he was on vacation i went to one of the guys that was a step above him, this isn't the first time ive had to go above him, he told me not to worry they would take care of it, just enjoy my weekend. So glad for that! ~ 

He just irritates me beyond words which im only there 2 days a week but it was starting to get to me with all the crap i been trying to accomplish around the house .... workouts, paintings, etc ... but yeah.... so til im done this job im gonna take these meds, they been really helpful tho ^_^

I have started and finished some painting projects which has been awesome, again the meds been helping and I don't feel overwhelmed =) I do have Plantar fasciitis in my left foot, started acting up a few months after I started working, not much I can do about it really but it takes away some workout time when its very painful after work and takes a few days to recover, but once I come back home full time i think it will go away a bit.

Anyways long post I know but its been awhile since I updated, guess ill leave you guys with more pics of the convention and my art work, thanks for reading!

~ Noire

Tuesday, March 11, 2014