Friday, November 16, 2012

Doctor Who: Christmas Special Trailer

Also my 1000th blog post since fall 2004, woohoo!

Doctor Who: The Great Detective (Christmas Special Prequel)

Monday, November 05, 2012


Dear Friends & Family of City of Heroes,

I want to thank each & everyone of you guys for a awesome 8+ years, I started my 2nd life as a super hero back in 2004 (beta) most of you know me as Guardian's cookie Mistress aka Noire aka Tina whatever you wished to call me ;)

I enjoyed every moment we did tfs and double xp weekends from 1-35 sometimes higher or when we would hop around toons and do all the tfs, So many memories, coh brought us together not as "just players who sit around gaming" it brought us all close together as friends and most of all as a family, we are not just "some community" NCSoft doesn't understand the fact that we all have friends/family in game but that's branched to real life too

We have many of us that have lost family members, friends, even other players that have passed on over the years and one thing that has held us together is our family & friends not only in the real world but the one city of heroes had created for us also

In 2004 in Faultline a friend of mine introduced me to a character she knew as a friend, later on I found out it was my now husband I been married too for almost 8 years, we lived 2 countries apart & 1200 miles between us but my friend & city of heroes made our love marriage and relationship possible.

If we can't save city of heroes, tho I hope we can & NCSoft get off there high horse and realize that this game is the only game that has something going, aion flopped and there blade & soul is going to do the same they shouldn't take it out on us heroes & villains, its what is popular right now! It's what everyone loves, thanks to Marvel, Disney, DC and other popular comic companies they been putting out all these kick ass movies that makes us love comics even more! City of heroes is the FIRST and will be the LAST ever super hero MMORPG that is worth a damn.

NCSoft doesn't realize this and it's there fault, they rather bring pornographic video games for our kids and family and friends to play which is uncalled for, we are heroes this is what we do & villains will take what is theirs !!

NCSoft's stocks keep dropping because our voices are being heard! So lets not give up, lets be the heroes and villains we where meant to be and put a stop to them shutting down our game and if they do, I have faith in Tony & his crew to keep us alive some how and in some way!

If someone wishes to post this on the coh forums go for it (just make sure you let them know I wrote it) because I am unable to post to the forums for some reason :/

But I love all of you like brothers and sisters your my extended family :)

Even if CoH closes its doors we have facebook to keep in touch, those I met out side of facebook and online we keep in touch too :) We will all keep in touch some how and some way! Hold your head up and fly strong across the clouds this isn't over til we say its over ♥ :) Cause this is a ongoing fight!

*parks a truck of cookies to share*