Saturday, February 28, 2009

7 Diet Mistakes You Can Avoid

No matter if you are trying to lose weight, maintain your weight, or just eat healthier this year, the concept of diet will emerge at some point.

New diets are coming out all the time and some are better than others, but too often we sabotage a new eating plan or healthy eating choice. This year, be aware of these seven common diet mistakes and steer clear of them.

Setting unrealistic goals. When you set goals for a diet, make sure those goals are achievable. Don't try to do everything at once and then expect to suddenly weigh what you did in high school. An example of an attainable goal might be to eat two snacks of fresh fruit every day and three servings of vegetables between lunch and dinner.

Eating only one time each day. I often hear that people, in order to "save" calories, are skipping breakfast and lunch and only eating dinner. Let me tell you: This plan will save you no calories and can squelch your metabolism in the bargain. Eating three meals a day is important to your general health.

Thinking short-term only. This is why people lose and then regain weight so quickly. A change in diet isn't meant to be just for a few months; it should become a lifelong habit. Think long-term changes.

Underestimating your food portions. We are all guilty of this. Research shows that, when recalling foods consumed, most people under-report the amounts they ate. You may think that you only are having one cup of cereal — but use a measuring cup just to be sure.

Making your diet plan too restrictive. When starting a diet, people usually err on the side of caution and eat too little — a practice they aren't able to maintain long-term. Also, a diet never means excluding major food groups like whole grains, fruits, or dairy.

Not having a support system. When working on eating healthier, the more support you have the better. Tell others around you about your goals and let them know how they can best help you.

Forgetting about exercise. People often ask me, "Which one is more important, diet or exercise?" I reply, "Do you want your airplane to have one wing or two?" Diet and exercise need to be done together — don't forget to exercise regularly.

Monday, February 23, 2009

4 Signs A Guy Is Over You....

#1. He Doesn't Do What He Says He Will

Yes, it's true: You usually have to ask guys about 10 times before they'll actually help you put in those bathroom shelves -- that's typical. But when he promises to go with you to a friend's party and then bails or doesn't call when he says he will, that's a problem.

#2. He Keeps Asking You, "Are We Okay?"

Let's be honest here: Single men hate to talk about relationships. So if he starts suggesting weekly powwows, take notice.

#3. He Makes You into the Bad Guy

Your guy starts constantly choosing his buddies over you... and yet, he says you're the selfish one. It's called deflecting.

#4. He Makes Comments About Attractive Women

Look, no guy is stupid enough to go on about how sensual some random chick is in front of his girlfriend... unless, of course, he's trying to be inconsiderate.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today is my 4 year wedding Anniversary, I am sooooo lucky and happy. I wouldn't change anything. I wanted to say, " HAPPY ANNIVERSARY & VALENTINES " to my hubby and that " I LOVE YOU " ^_^

Today I also found out some info on Medical Centers which makes me happy I finally found some that will work with you when it comes to pay plans etc. I am so not used to not having free health care lol. That's another thing I miss about Canada. No Free health care down here lol. Ah well things will work out I am sure of it.

Well hubby's working a double so time for workout, shower, housework and City of Heroes all day. We went and celebrated last night so all is good. Now to keep myself busy hmm might work on my cookbook too. Wanna get this thing published this year. <3

Happy Valentines Everyone!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Looser pants by Friday !

Provided by Rasha Mourtada

So you'd like to shed a few pounds but the word diet makes you shudder - we hear ya. But with a couple of nips here and a few tucks there, you can cut back 500 calories a day without making huge sacrifices - and lose up to one pound a week. That's right: small calorie savings add up to big weight loss over time. Mix and match these 20 tricks and watch the pounds disappear!

* Save 50 calories Instead of tossing back a glass of orange juice with your breakfast, eat an actual orange, says Vancouver registered dietitian Ramona Josephson. Bonus: more fibre.
* Save 75 calories Edmonton resident Keri Guenther, who has lost 90 pounds on Weight Watchers by making small calorie cuts, loves Tim Hortons' English Toffee Cappuccino. When she treats herself, she asks her server to fill half her cup with regular coffee before adding the sugar-laden beverage, reducing the calories by half.
* Save 100 calories Cut the fat, keep the meat: instead of five strips of bacon, opt for two slices of leaner grilled back bacon.
* Save 125 calories Since egg yolks contain fat and are high in cholesterol, whip up a breakfast omelette with one whole egg and two protein-rich egg whites. Bonus: registered dietitian Linda Barton of Petersburg, Ont., says eating eggs keeps you feeling full longer.
* Save 200 calories Swap yogurt with granola for a cereal with at least four grams of fibre and a small amount of your favourite sweet cereal. "Nothing beats Shredded Wheat with Froot Loops sprinkled on top," says Mary Meldrum of Waterloo, Ont., who's lost 65 pounds.

* Save 50 calories Use calorie-reduced mayonnaise instead of full-fat mayo on your sandwich (to add some kick, mix a few drops of your favourite hot sauce with the mayo first).
* Save 75 calories Ottawa resident Maritia Gully hardly ever uses low-fat salad dressing. Instead, she tops her greens with a mix of 1 tablespoon (15 mL) each water and regular dressing. "It tastes a lot better," adds Gully, who's lost about 30 pounds.
* Save 100 calories Melissa Raghunandan loves cream soups but hates their high-calorie price tags. So, the Kitchener, Ont., resident, who has dropped 10 pounds, thickens both homemade and canned soups with evaporated skim milk instead of heavy cream.
* Save 125 calories Ditch the lunchtime bagel in favour of two slices of multi-grain toast and you'll lose calories and gain healthy fibre.
* Save 200 calories If you're at a fast-food joint, you're better off ordering a regular burger - hold the mayo - than the breaded chicken or fish sandwich. If you aren't craving a burger, go for the grilled chicken and you'll still save about 100 calories.

• Save 50 calories For those must-eat-fries-now moments, opt for 15 thick-cut fries instead of 25 skinny ones. Massimo Marcone, a professor of food science at the University of Guelph in Ontario, found that thick-cut fries contain about 20 per cent fewer calories each than skinny fries because they've absorbed less oil.
• Save 75 calories You don't have to banish all carbs from your dinner plate to cut calories. Swap rice with 1/2 cup (125 mL) couscous cooked in vegetable or chicken broth.
• Save 100 calories Lora Samaha of Calgary has lost 35 pounds with her calorie-saving tricks, including substituting Yves Veggie Ground Round for ground beef in lasagna, chili and more. It delivers the same amount of protein with fewer calories.
• Save 125 calories Give your veggies flavour by sautéing them in your favourite broth or wine instead of oil.
• Save 200 calories Gully gives in to her cravings for alfredo sauce, but instead of making it with calorie-laden heavy cream, she uses creamed cottage cheese. "It satisfies my craving for something creamy and makes the meal richer without adding a lot of calories," she says.

• Save 75 calories Carm Bozzo of Hamilton lost 13 pounds four years ago and has kept it off. One of her calorie-saving secrets is to reach for frozen low-calorie pudding cups instead of fat-laden ice cream.
• Save 100 calories Out for drinks? Instead of downing two glasses of wine, swap one for sparkling water.
• Save 125 calories If you're craving a soda, mix Crystal Light with soda water. Bonus: you'll also cut back on caffeine.
• Save 200 calories Nuts offer fibre and a generous helping of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. But 1/2 cup (125 mL) of most nuts packs almost 400 calories, says registered dietitian Linda Barton of Petersburg, Ont. Try this: mix 1/4 cup (50 mL) of almonds with 1/4 cup (50 mL) of your favourite high-fibre cereal.
• Save 250 calories Opt for biscotti instead of a muffin at your local coffee house to satisfy your sweet tooth, says Toronto registered dietitian Susan Osher. Just don't choose one covered in chocolate!