Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today is my 4 year wedding Anniversary, I am sooooo lucky and happy. I wouldn't change anything. I wanted to say, " HAPPY ANNIVERSARY & VALENTINES " to my hubby and that " I LOVE YOU " ^_^

Today I also found out some info on Medical Centers which makes me happy I finally found some that will work with you when it comes to pay plans etc. I am so not used to not having free health care lol. That's another thing I miss about Canada. No Free health care down here lol. Ah well things will work out I am sure of it.

Well hubby's working a double so time for workout, shower, housework and City of Heroes all day. We went and celebrated last night so all is good. Now to keep myself busy hmm might work on my cookbook too. Wanna get this thing published this year. <3

Happy Valentines Everyone!

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