Tuesday, December 31, 2013


As another year comes to a close hubby & I sit back and look at our year and see our accomplishments, fun times and so much more yes even downs and failures but that is what makes us strong and move forward and make those changes we need not everyone is perfect, we are heading into our 9 years of being married, which is EXCITING, there had and has been ppl who love to say we wouldn't make it this far and guess what we have and so many more years coming up too, we have started and finished the adoption process and now we are just waiting, another year down of both of us being smoke free coming up on 5yrs for him 14yrs for me, weight losses and gains, we had goals of getting a 2nd car and paying it off which has been accomplished since I got a job to help along, we had our ups and downs and got rid of Negative Nancy's in our life, we got rid of those causing harm and causing us to fight constantly over stupid little things, we don't keep contact anymore and if we have to for some reason its so little, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, we had loss this year too we lost our fur baby Olivia, we miss and love her so much but we shall see her again one day!

Overall we have had another amazing blessed year with family and friends. We have seen our friends have kids, get married, celebrate birthdays, we seen falls with other friends but we sit and pray for them and we have God to thank for so much as we continue to pray for others, we can't wait to see what 2014 is going to bring, maybe a child, who knows! We have much more do to and accomplish, I know my resolution same as every year, weight loss, hoping to get down my last 100lbs with a total of 200lbs lost of the weight I gained when I quit smoking!

Exp since in 2015 we are planning our vow renewal for our 10 year for those that weren't there when we got married for the first time which was uh everyone since we ran off and got married lol so the planning for this begins this year!


so goodbye 2013 and all the negative ppl that caused harm, hello 2014 with positive people and new friends and our friends that remained our friends and by our side in 2013 lets make next year awesome and see what happens for years to come!

Now to prep for comicon too, we have ourselves and so many close friends of ours going with us, gonna be freaken wonderful 

I'm writing this half asleep but know this love your loved one and family and friends til the end of time and beyond don't take advantage of them, look to the future and hold your head high, don't look back into the past with should, woulda, couldas, it only brings harm and negative to those who do so, you think bad things they happen, think good things look at the positive out come, if something isn't going right in your life CHANGE IT, and if you need help...... ASK! Don't dwell in the past, look to the future there is so many possibilities, enjoy life, get rid of those that cause negative and harm into your lives sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and know your loved by so many including the big guy upstairs (yes God) hes always had his hand on your shoulder guiding you, hes got a plan for you and everyone around you, even if you can't feel him there, HE IS, take one day at a time, make a plan, make a plan for days to come, God will surprise you in his own way!


The Doctor's Regenerations For The Confused!

confirmed by Moffat himself!

1st doctor - not a regeneration - William Hartnell

2nd doctor - 1st regeneration - Patrick Troughton

3rd doctor - 2nd regeneration - John Pertwee

4th doctor - 3rd regeneration - Tom Baker

5th doctor - 4th regeneration - Peter Davison

6th doctor - 5th regeneration - Colin Baker

7th doctor - 6th regeneration - Sylvester McCoy

8th doctor - 7th regeneration - Paul McGann

9th doctor - 8th regeneration - John Hurt

10th doctor - 9th regeneration - Christopher Eccleston

12th doctor - 11th regeneration - David Tennant (yes into his hand after getting shot by the Dalek, Moffat confirmed this is a regeneration)

11th doctor - 10th regeneration - David Tennant

13th doctor - 12th regeneration - Matt Smith

14th doctor - 13th regeneration - Peter Capaldi