Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Updates & My View On Being An Artist !

I haven't posted in awhile I know but we have been pretty busy!
We started a comic book hubby & I, it's called "Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars"
You can find the blog on it Here!
It also has links where to find and buy :)
It is a PDF file of the comic not a physical copy.
But we are now working on issue 4, it's been selling pretty well and people seem to enjoy it really well so that is always a plus.
We also been doing art on the side, in between our jobs of course.
Hubby is now working 2 jobs, one is only 1-2 days a month and the other is his full time job. Mine is one day a week but I took some time away from that right now cause I have a test to study for plus house projects I need to take care of, and back to losing weight!
My work is pretty easy since I am part time I can make my own schedule, reason I love this company I work for, being able to do my own thing like this, today marks 2 years since I started working there, so it isn't that bad and time just flew by!
One thing I do hate about being a artist and I know hubby hates it too, is when people ask for FREE work done. Giving ideas on what you wanna see is all fine and whatever, but when you ask someone for a picture and want it done and not offer the artist any kinda funds for doing the picture is a bit annoying. I could see if they are a really good friend like friends of ours that have done stuff for us or write books or comics we buy/read and whatever. Fan art is another thing.
But when someone comes and says, " I want you to make me a picture, or Can you make me a picture" and wont stop bugging you about it. Gets annoying as hell.
People need to realize not all artists are going to do stuff for you and when they don't answer you and avoid the question they are trying to be polite without telling you NO
Also if your gonna do fan art from a artist you NEED to make sure you get the stories of the characters right, you can't just go off and write your own thing about it without there permission, and if its totally against how they have the character don't be surprised if they don't enjoy it. Plus another thing that annoys me is when people ask you to do pictures and they will write a story, its okay when its a hubby & wife team doing it (like me and mine) or bf/gf or friends etc, but when complete strangers ask, its where I personally draw the line. Cause honestly I don't trust people I don't know in that kinda way exp if I am going to do the art etc. I don't feel comfortable with it. Exp exp exp if they wanna do something erotic, I dont' feel comfortable for myself, my hubby or my friends to do something like that. So in all seriousness, its just my POV. 

That's just my two cents on the soap box =p

Artists don't like to sell them selves short when they are worth so much potential =)

So please respect us as artists, thats for any of them out there! 

In other news the FF expan came out, really excited :)
My black mage is now lvl 55, 5 more levels to go til 60
Other then that not much else going on, hubby & I just enjoying one anothers company, spending time with family a lot as of late, friends on and off.
We just been really busy with comic book stuff and what not.
But anyway, enough on this blog post and back to playing Final Fantasy 

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