Saturday, September 22, 2007

For Those Of You Asking ....

Here it is!
How my hubby & I met!

*** I got married On Valentines day 2005 To my wonderful husband! Who I love very much.. We met on a online game back in September of 2004 thanks to our awesome friend we met in game as well! & City Of heroes * The Game * But it was funny cause at that time he was playing a female charter as most men do. Reason why? I don't know most do because they say they rather watch a female characters ass running then a males which I could understand. But it was funny because I thought he was a chick =oP Opps! My bad?! Its funny cause he is another me and i am another him just the male female difference and everyone says and agrees ... hehe ... I'm so happy and yet so spoiled he is to of course.

Well one day after months and months of talking daily 2-4-6-8+ hrs a day on the chat and phone he had said that he would buy me a bus ticket to come the USA to visit and told that he loved me once again.. he secretly planned to purpose to me on Valentines day over dinner I didn't know this at all! ... But I didn't matter I was taking that bus! So I then jumped on the bus and headed over the border. Well before I did I called everyone I could get ahold of to say goodbye and that I would be back soon. Most I got ahold of thought I was OUT OF MY MIND! Well I called my best friend because I knew if i left and didn't say bye and something happened she would find some way to hunt me down and strangle me herself. But sadly at that time I got the machine. So I left a msg. Well it sucked anyways because when I got to the border I didn't know about all the proper paperwork. Usually when i went to the USA all i needed was my birth certificate little did i know i needed rent receipts, work statements etc to prove i was coming back to Canada.. Because after 9/11 It got more strict. Well when we looked to see what I needed to cross on the government website all it said was birth certificate... BUT! The Website wasn't UPDATED I was informed in quite sometime! But they where just doing there jobs I understand and I am not worried. =)

Well when I got back into Canada I called him from a payphone crying cause I wanted him to know what had happened. Well I was downtown in my city tears frozen to my face because it was WAY BELOW 0 degrees at this time. He told me, " Don't worry get home where its warm and I love you and that we will get though this." We talked for a few hours after a while when i got home on the phone AFTER my roommate went to work. He said he was going to see about taking a 20hr bus ride to come up and see me. I told him he was crazy! But I knew he was crazy for me! hehe =) as i was crazy for him and we are still crazy but anyways ... We then went to bed and i woke up the next day to a msg on my PC saying " Gone 2 dads to see about a rental car " Then my friend that i met in game msg'd me and told me he was planning to drive up to Canada to see me and he wouldn't leave without me. I was like OMG okay.... She said, " If this/that isn't true love I don't know what is Chickie."

So sure enough when he got back he messaged me and told me he got a car. I told him okay. Drive safe, Love you and all that good mushy stuff. =) So he drove 14hrs to come spend the weekend with me then try to take me back to the USA to meet his parents. Well on the weekend I showed him around town. We had fun. We went out to dinner with my 2 best friends we did a bunch of things. =) Then the one night in the hotel room he says lets get married Monday since it's Valentines day and all... I didn't know what to say but YES! I know we talked about it before but it seemed so right for the both of us because of the timing and because we are so much in love. Then he said, "Valentines Day I sure wont forget our anniversary now! And if I do you can kick my ass." I started laughing. Well after we got married we said our last goodbyes and headed for the border and from there it was a long 14hr drive back. We stopped to visit our friend that we met in game for the first time and her daughter and her husband then after we left. We then looked on happy and excited to see what would happen next and sure enough! We get allot of excitement everyday!

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