Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Updates & Things

I know, bad blogger...
I havn't updated in awhile.
Things been rather busy accually
Work for one, since I got this promotion I havent had much time to be online and when I do I hop into City Of Heroes for a bit, or chat.
I been to tired to do much else really.
I know I didn't need to take this promotion, I just did for the money accually.
10/hr can't go wrong ya know?
It is a fun job though, plus saving money and paying a few things back :)
Also hoping for a visit to my grandparents this spring for there 92nd and 94th birthdays.
Things at home been well too, can't complain :)
I am just really over tired
Well time to hang out with hubby for a bit before I go to sleep
Work calls tomorrow at 1p until 6p
I don't really wanna go honestly, I really miss being at home taking care of the house =/

But before I go, I found that seal generator again that was on the boards once upon a time and I bought it to the surface again...

Check out mine for City of heroes :)

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