Monday, October 15, 2007

Mommy’s essentials

These items must be in your bag, or you’re bound for trouble!

* Hospital or insurance card.

* 2 bras (breastfeeding bras, for those who intend to nurse).

* 6-8 pairs of underwear (you can leave the frillier ones at home—you’ll probably end up staining a lot of them).

* 2 or 3 night gowns or pyjamas that button at the front (great when nursing)

* A warm bathrobe.

* Comfortable slippers and sandals.

* Sanitary napkins (some are especially designed for new mothers).

* Toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hair brush, deodorant, contact lens case and solution (if needed) and hair dryer.

* Clothing to wear when you leave the hospital.

For mommy’s comfort

Don’t forget these items: they’ll make your stay at the hospital a lot easier and are bound to pick your mood up…

* A thermal water atomizer (Evian, Vichy, etc.) will be nice and refreshing during labour, since you won’t be able to drink.

* A few bottles of water, some fruit, and a few granola bars (for when you get the munchies after giving birth).

* A small pouch containing your favourite makeup items for when you leave the hospital.

* A good facial moisturizer and lip balm (childbirth will cause your body to be very dehydrated and your lips are bound to chap).

* A comfortable pillow.

* A bottle of non-greasy massage oil (for when your man offers himself to rub your back and feet).

* A breastfeeding cushion.

* A bottle of hand-sanitizer (such as Purell).

For mommy’s entertainment

Despite the frequent visits from friends and family, you’ll probably have several moments of quiet when you may feel the need to relax a bit.

* An mp3 or CD player (with your favourite CDs).

* A few easy reads (such as magazines, short novels, etc.).

* A camera (don’t forget batteries and some film or an extra memory card).

* A list of people you’ll want to call to tell the good news (and their numbers).

* A pen and notebook (so you can jot down any important info or tips from your doctor and nurses during your stay—it’s hard to remember everything).

* Make sure to have some small change on you (to use in vending machines, public phones, etc.)

Baby’s essentials

These are the last items on our list, but definitely not the least… Make sure you’re not missing anything for your beautiful newborn.

* 5 pyjamas (at least one that’s a little bit bigger than the others—hey, you never know!)

* 5 newborn bodysuits.

* Diapers (some hospitals provide them, but it’s quite rare).

* 1 pacifier.

* An outfit for the trip home (take the weather into account).

* A warm blanket.

* 4 bibs (to protect baby’s clothes).

* Socks.

* A cotton bonnet.

* 3 small towels (to put on your shoulder when burping your baby).

* Baby soap and shampoo or a bottle of baby wash.

* A pair of small mittens (to keep him or her from scratching her face).

With all the above-mentioned items in tow, you should be just about ready for the big day.
Good luck!

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