Friday, September 14, 2007

Tim Hortons

Wow, reading Yahoo news today I found out a few things about the place I worked for ... for 4 years....
It was a crappy place to work, treated people like crap, they prolly still do, reason why many people I know quit.
Well now.....
Tim Hortons has 2,733 restaurants in Canada and 345 in the United States as of July 1.
Go figure...
It's a nice place and you will get some people that are really great towards there customers and stuff....
As for the owners most I know from experience got there fingers up there ass and wipe there ass with the bills they make and don't care.
I worked for one of them.
Ah well..
I do miss my timmies coffee and earl grey tea
I used to make all the cookies and other baked goods for them
Funny how in City of heroes I'm known as the cookie mistress and i used to bake cookies for a living and other baked goods b4 I went to retail in beauty supplies as a manager :)
It's all good
Today just thought I post a Lil rant, history if you wanna call it, and I'm happy right now with my life and the job i have being a manager it's fun still so far :)
Well time for breakfast and to watch Sailor Moon & spend time with hubby :)

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