Tuesday, October 08, 2013

So Since I Started Working......

Ive been really slacking on cooking home cooked from scratch meals...
Thing is so much to do and so tired, i know I only work part time but so many things are taking up my time and energy anymore...
Can't wait til this car is paid off then i can go back home full time (about 2 months I should  have it paid off, but prolly continue working til Feb to save some moneyz for the kiddo)
So tonight im making a special dinner
Veal Pasta sauce on top of spinach & mushroom stuffed Manicotti
and a GIANT COOKIE for dessert..

Something I did for hubby cause hes just the best ever thanks to the girls at works help and all, we will be celebrating 9 years this coming up Valentines day in 2014! =)

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