Saturday, January 19, 2013


Oh my it's not far away now!

Well 2 months and a couple weeks but so much to do!

Our Time Lord Society needs to get things ready if we are going to have a panel slot this year like last year!

Hilary been working hard on last min costume stuff, shes been hard at work making our costumes and her sister also, they are doing amazing jobs

My costume is completed though, pretty exciting tried it on and everything, I just want to wear it NOW lol

I went as River Song last year on the second day of the convention since hubby & I dressed as mad scientists the first day

Right now we are getting ready for couple dates with friends, so exciting for us, we also have a date night set with our friends next door next week, making homemade chinese food, yummy!

Well cat is meowing at me for food and attention, hubby got sick, now I got it too and Bruce caught it today, ugh, house full of sicky sick folks =P

Well better scram gotta get hubby food also, and yep babies are hungry too, ciao

ps... here is my stash of jelly babies (minus one bag) for comicon when I dress as the 4th doctor

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