Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Good The Bad The Ugly...

Yes that's a movie title but I am not talking about the movie =P

I just couldn't think of a blog name tho it's nothing to do with what I am about to write =P

I am keeping this short simple and to the point

We are so blessed for much hubbys job, our medical benefits, very soon kiddo(s)

Things are awesome!

Only thing that drives me nuts is the negative, self centered buttholes that need to not enter peoples lives, I never understood why god would make people like this but then I realized its to test us maybe? Who knows !

But all I know is I am so happy and blessed I got a good man who doesn't do some of the things that some of the men I know do around me, he is one of the good guys and I wouldn't trade that for anything =)

Just wish some of the buttholes that enjoy making peoples lives miserable or at least try too need to get a new hobbie, get a spouse/bf/gf that can stand them, maybe it will help them from trying to put a wedge between those people that are meant to be together and keep there thoughts to themselves I dunno =)

But in lighter news did buy our tickets for comicon


Fem 4 here I come and I have over 4lbs of jelly babies waiting to be handed out! =) 

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