Monday, December 29, 2008

My End Of The Year Post....

Well it's the 29th of December.
Right around the time I got the phone call last year and found out grandpa passed away, I miss him very much, he was like a father to me.
Grandma is missing him too, very much more I can tell each time I call her. They where married over 65 years, so it's understandable.
I started working out again, got a biggest looser dvd, man that is tough stuff but I can do it, I just need to keep my ass motivated.
I cleaned up and out the kitchen day before last, today I did the living room, tomorrow bedroom, then back to the basement.
Which I am dreading the basement, so much crap down there.
This took up most of my morning, it's now 1pm, I wanna play City of Heroes but I know hubby will be home soon and hungry, so after I am done my food I am gonna make him something when he gets in, then dunno what we will do, prolly movies who knows. But whatever it is we will turn off the phone and ignore everyone, and just hang out.
I got 3 50's this month in city of heroes, have a brute at 49 and 2 lvl 44's.
Mistress Noire was my first 50 after restarting my account in 2005. Then along came Athena, then Noire's nemesis Mistress Ivoire shortly after 2006 started. Then followed Sonica and Cute Canadian in 2007. Then Captain Noire in June 2008 followed by Natasha Snow in October then Pyro Commander, Pyro Nikita, and Isadora Storm in December 2008. I am on a roll ! I now have a level almost 46 fire/fire tank and a 37 kin/dark. Maybe get them to 50 b4 the next double xp weekend (Jan 23rd - 25th).
We will see, other then that this year has been great! I have the best hubby in the world, went back to being a stay at home wife, cleaning like mad, baking and cooking of course! and got my things together for my cookbook, need to get my ass in gear to finish it this coming year that's my resolution, to get that dang thing done as well as continuing to lose weight.
Until the new year, this is me!
Happy New Years!

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