Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eating Healthy

As of late I been cooking and eating more healthy for over a year now, it started because my health started to take a plummet due to being over weight, I had my first doctor miss diagnose me. Which was epic fail, I started to feel bad for my big portions or as hubby calls them "Canadian portions" lol.

I never used to be fat, I used to be into sports and running around non stop, 110-135lbs just having the time of my life. Then I picked up a bad habit of smoking when I was 11, yes 11 bad I know. But I quit when I was 18, problem was thats where my junk food and fast food addiction started taking place, I never seen myself getting bigger cause everyone around me was bigger. Even after I got married I never thought anything of it, til March 26th 2009. That's when I got misdiagnosed that's when my health got worse, sure I was losing weight but it got worse cause the doctor had me on a unlimited meat, egg, cheese diet with 20 carbs a day from veggies only, no fruit, no whole grains nothing just what I listed. My cholesterol and blood pressure all went though the roof cause of her misdiagnoses.

But after hubby started his new job, the medical benefits are amazing & so thxful trust me, I got a second opinion and now im healthier then I ever was, they told me if I didn't stop that diet i would of been laying in a hospital bed at only 27 years old from a heart attack that was just last year! I started around 255lbs when I first went in to get weighed I probably weighed more then that, I am sure of it! ~ But now I am down to 180 something not sure exactly cause well my scale needs a new battery I weigh myself to much but hey you know what that's fine Ill wait til my doc appointment in January that's also when we hope to find out if everythings okay enough to start a family, we can't wait! Then I can probably get off all my meds too!

Thing that I worry about now is my hubby, due to my over portioning hes gained some weight, not much mind you but he weighs a bit more then I do and I feel as if it's my fault for his obesity, so reason I been feeding him what I eat whole grains, veggies, lean meats etc etc, is cause I don't want him to blow up in size and have my problems I had and we gotta start from square one and hes at the age now where I know hes going to be more lazy then normal, gotta be in shape exp if we wanna have kids running around! ~ That's why I am getting on track for him and our kids and most of all myself, I know his quitting smoking almost 2 years ago played a part too and I am very proud of him for quitting. ~ Reason I gained the weight I did was when I quit smoking.

Well I just hope hes happy with everything and I am doing the right thing, he says hes fine with everything I cook I just need to stick with what he likes and not experiment cause I have a habit of doing that lol. He always tells me to eat healthy if I wanna lose weight so I do so I make him what I eat so maybe it will help him as well. Plus he says you wanna lose you need to eat healthy so ya here I go yet again more healthy foods!

I just want us to be healthier and healthy parents for when we have kids and live a long life I mean whos gonna play D&D and bring out the comics to our grandkids, something we dream about =)

Anyways I gotta get going gonna go clean up and unpack the bedroom some more try to finish that today before my sissy Kim comes over


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