Monday, March 26, 2012

Planet Comicon 2012

This year a friend of mine & myself that run a group in our area "The Time Lord Society" got a panel slot to promote our group for Doctor Who fans in the area, we thought maybe 15 or so people would show up shake hands say hi..... we got a room FULL of 200+ people which was awesome even with the costume contest going on at the same time! ~ We ended up improvising & doing a full blown out panel & answering questions etc, so for future years we are planning to do more panels get a table the guys of the convention are even going to try for doctor who guests since our group has become a success! ~ Our group also will do public events like BBQ RPGs etc etc, totally exciting =)

Here is some photo's from the convention

Saturday Hubby & I went as a mad scientist couple

Sunday Hubby went as himself & I went as Riversong (from Doctor Who)

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