Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I Knew the day my grandparents said, " We aren't going anywhere til your happy" I knew those words rang true the days they passed away. They where the parents I always dreamed of & thankful they where there for me while they where able to be & teach me everything I know today! :)

I want to say I am also thankful & blessed to have the most awesome foster parents & in laws & family in my life many awesome friends, ever since I moved here after meeting the most wonderful man in the world who loves me for ME my life changed for the better much better then it was! :) ~

I have met more awesome friends & my family grew & family that have been & always will be there for me not letting anything stand in my way, I haven't seen that kind of love & dedication since my grandparents & foster parents, even to this day I will admit I get tear on holidays hearing and seeing the love and laughter fill the room, I haven't seen that since I was a child growing up with my grandparents & since I lived with my foster parents, it shows me that there is true love by family & friends its just rare to be found, one day soon I hope we have kids to pass this love, respect, understanding and more to show them :) <3 ~

More things that have happened since I moved here that had never happened in Canada, movie screenings, comic book conventions, being in a group that is going to be involved in the future with comicons, helping a friend with his movie business, things I would of never thought of, seen or dreamed of being in Canada, the last 7.5 years have been amazing & I so can't wait for many more years! I am just super excited :)

Thanks to my hubby, family, friends and god for making what my life has been so far and of course myself AND i can't wait for many many more years =) THANKS!

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