Sunday, June 03, 2012

Little Updates On Life

Okay as of today I am NOT taking my metformin anymore and last week was the last of my blood pressure meds, after talking with my best friend / sister who has worked under docs before, the metformin could be the source of my UTI coming back (Did a at home UTI test last night, no symptoms but would explain why 54 days have gone by yet again and I am not pregnant) sooo while we where reading on a MD site it said if your not taking metformin for weight loss help or you don't have PCOS or your not diabetic it can cause harm to kidney function and liver too, so thus I am calling my docs tomorrow, even tho I did the at home UTI test and it came back positive Im going to get my blood work & what not done this week so I can get to the bottom of this, I am really worried exp since we are trying to get pregnant, Ive been praying its something that can be fixed easily and possibly naturally ! Maybe it would also explain the weight GAIN not LOSS? I don't know but I just pray we can figure it out! ~


Hubby & I been doing well getting the house cleaned up & got my veggie/fruit garden started again for this year, I am already picking beans off to be eaten, YUM!

Our friends Kevin & Crissy got married last weekend, that was exciting & fun, we also been doing bbq's and roasting hot dogs and making smores with friends its been pretty fun so far =)

Also our neighbors & friends next door just had baby #2 almost a week ago now which is very exciting also, need to hand me off some of that baby water ;)

Other then that things been pretty much same same, besides the fact hubbys HD died :(

Hubby & I also been spending a lot of time watching movies and catching up on reading with comics and what not

Other then that things are pretty well =)

I can't believe we been together almost 8yrs its getting pretty close to be that time, and we will be married 7.5yrs, so yeah those who say lost cause not going to work, we been though more then you can think, all I know is I have my best friend and best hubby ever =)

I love you Joel =D 

We are truly blessed, thank god for all hes given and done can't wait for more years to come =)

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