Saturday, December 01, 2012

RIP City Of Heroes

Dear my friends & family of City of Heroes,

Thank you again for the amazing 8+ years, over those years I learned what family is suppose to be like, how to love again, some may think "It's only a game" but you know its family, community, friends you name it our life in Paragon had it, then it also leaked out to the real world even though some of us can't see one another face to face everyday we st

ill talk, read our crazy posts on facebook, we get mad at one another and maybe toss something at our computer screen nothing changes the respect love and everything everyone has for one another, these memories and family bonds will continue to last a lifetime, no matter where we are we will find a way to talk, read, laugh you name it, it will happen.

Aug 30th 2012 NCSoft ripped our hearts out when they told us they are going to burn down our homes and pull the plug on our alter egos, we all didn't know what to think but we knew what we had to do, we fought hard to save City of Heroes, petitions, websites, media, famous peeps you name it we all did it, you heard our cries ring though our minds no matter what we where doing " SAVE COH ! " Thank you to everyone that tried to save our home, but our fight doesn't stop there, its time to stand up and make a stand and make sure NCSoft hears us

Even though I had left and went to play other games, I always came back to the City even if it was to sit, screen shot and talk with family and be crazy and laugh and now cry, we are all here united as one, as a family together always ♥

NCSoft doesn't realize they put a stake right in the heart of there company, I went to bed last night teary eye'd this morning I am trying not to cry reading everyones posts, but its hard... I mean it's like parts of me over 50+ characters or as I call them alter ego's parts of each of those characters I had are part of me, I know most feel like this cause we put hearts and souls into our toons to give them life in a City, a lot of people say oh its had a good run thats a long time for a game, thing is the game wasn't over, not by a long shot, it was home for so many of us, NCSoft was doing poor on other games (GW2, Aion soon to be Blade & Soul) yet they wanna take it out on the FIRST ever SUPERHERO MMO that people would love always... DCUO & MARVEL & Champions have NOTHING on CoH, thats the thing, when those games came out (or soon to come out) no one that loved superheroes was gonna leave CoH ...... NO ONE!

I sat around thinking well how did all my heroes/villains lose there lives... but you know to me, they didn't..... they wont......... WHY? Cause they live on.... not only in my memories but yours too, all the time we fought crime or went and caused it, we wont give up on any of our characters, they live in our memories always and forever, lets now just show NCSoft how wrong they are for giving up on us, they asked us to step back and be quiet once, its not happening again cause we wont let it we will shout from roof tops as long as we can, I could keep writing but you know I hope this made sense, and well I am never good at good-byes but you know this isn't goodbye, #AvengeCoH, #CoHForever you name it the movement is on!

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